Homes evacuated, lockdown at two schools during armed police standoff; 1 arrested

About a dozen Castroville PD and Medina County deputies responded swarmed a home on Houston St. near Castroville Elementary School this Friday, September 14. A gun was drawn inside the home located in Gilliam Trailer Park in the 1200 block of Houston St., and a standoff ensued for about an hour.
Thankfully law enforcement successfully defused the situation and took the suspect, a 38-year-old female subject, into custody. She was charged with Terroristic Threat.

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“At 9:15 am, we were dispatched for a domestic dispute between a mother and daughter,” said Lieutenant Brian Jackson of Castroville PD. “A gun was brandished by the daughter, and within 3 minutes of our arrival, a Medina County Deputy called the school and told them to go into a lockdown.”
“We also evacuated 15-20 homes in the trailer park and anywhere that was in the line of fire. In a trailer park, these situations are so dangerous because trailers don’t stop bullets. Bullets can rip right through the walls of a trailer,” Lt. Jackson said.
“Unfortunately, we had angry parents driving by yelling at us while we were in the middle of a standoff, saying there were still kids out on the playground. We have received multiple complaints from parents about this…From the angle I was at, I could not see the playground. We notified Castroville Elementary School 3 minutes within arriving on scene, and the school takes it from there. St. Louis Catholic School, which is down the street, also went into a lockdown as an extra precaution just in case we had a situation where somebody got loose.”
“We had an armed officer or deputy covering the home from every angle, so every door and window was covered. We also had San Antonio SWAT team on standby. To my knowledge, this is the first incident we’ve had like this so close to one of our schools.
“We were able to get the young lady out of the home without anyone getting hurt,” Lt Jackson said. “When questioned, the young lady who was arrested told us that she was threatening to kill her mother.”
She was booked into Medina County Jail on a $3,500 bond.
The school sent home a letter to parents that stated, “Dear Parents and Guardians: Today Castroville Elementary was notified by local police to be placed on lockdown due to an incident occurring in a neighborhood located near the campus…. An alert was issued to parents, but unfortunately there was an error in the system and it did not send it out as it was supposed to….Sincerely, Ken Center-Principal, Castroville Elementary.”

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