Historic numbers turnout for voting so far

After a historic special election over the summer where District 19 voters elected the first Hispanic Republican to the Texas State Senate, history continues to be made in Medina County.
A record 1,766 voters and 653 mail-in ballots were reported on Monday, the first day of 2018 Midterm early voting.
“Broke every record we ever had,” reported Larry Sittre, Precinct 2 County Commissioner. Amidst record early voter turnout being reported statewide, Medina County Clerk Gina Champion said, “It has been an excellent turnout for early voting and only just two days in. I am very pleased to see that everyone is so passionate about making sure their voice is heard and that their voice counts.”
Mark Cashion Judge-elect County Court At Law, adds “This is an incredibly important election and every vote really does count. Early voting is extremely quick and easy.”
Lupe Torres, Elections Administrator, released voting numbers by city for Monday: Devine 379, Castroville 787, and Hondo 600 which was 5% of total voters in Medina County.
Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jerry Beck hopes “that recent events and double standards that clearly exist in Washington will lead to term limits.”
Whatever the results of this unprecedented turnout, it is encouraging to see people exercising their right to vote in record numbers in our area and across the state.
Early voting continues through November 2. General Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.
There were another 1,776 voters who went to the polls this Tuesday so far, making that 11% of registered voters in just the first two days of early voting. On average, officials say Medina County usually has a 15% turnout overall.
By Heather Yanta
News Correspondent