High speed chase begins in Walmart parking lot

While patrolling in the parking lot of Walmart in Devine, a Devine PD officer noticed suspicious activity. When the driver of a motorcycle reportedly took off at a dangerous rate of speed a chase ensued all the way from Devine to the Natalia area. It happened this past Sunday, February 18, beginning about 5:16 in the afternoon.
“The officer saw what looked like an illegal transaction occurring between the drivers of a motorcycle and a vehicle, and he went closer to investigate and to get a look at the license plate,” said Devine PD Lieutenant Chris Andrews. “As the officer got closer, the motorcycle began accelerating, and reached dangerously high speeds, so he pursued the subject for speeding and evading”.
The chase which reportedly got over 100 MPH at some points ensued north from the Walmart parking lot onto I-35 northbound, before the suspect took Exit 127 in Natalia.
“The chase continued down to the 1000th block of County Road 6723, where the suspect eventually laid his bike over in his own driveway and took off running,” Lieutenant Andrews said. “The short foot chase ended when the suspect tripped, and he was quickly apprehended.”
According to the Devine PD report, “The officer confiscated a loaded .45 caliber handgun located in a holster inside his vest pocket, as well as a clear bag containing 2.5 grams of crystal meth. The officer also recovered a digital scale and a clear bag containing several small quarter-size bags which are typically used for packaging methamphetamines.”
A 30-year-old male subject was arrested and charged in this case with MAN Delivery Controlled Substance PG 1 >=1G<4G, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, and EVADING ARREST with a Vehicle.