Hi Tucker, hi

We had a family beach trip this past weekend. Oh how I love to watch those waves roll in. It’s sure hard to leave Padre Island. I can remember being a little girl, swimming in the pool after our last trip to the beach on check-out day. I was always begging for 5 more minutes, and now my daughter is the one begging me “just a little bit longer mom….can I jump in one more time?”
A’Dell loved the beach as always, especially loved to “boogie board” in the waves. I went out with her and cousin Claire several times. They caught a lot of waves as they rolled into shore, and me, well; it’s a lot easier to ride the waves when you weigh 60 pounds like them. We only had 2 or 3 “shark” sightings as customary, when you are boogie boarding with little girls.
Baby Tucker on the other hand, liked the beach for a few minutes, until he got too much sand in his eyes. He is extremely rambunctious so he does a lot of face-planting as he gallivants around. He had quite a few “sand-wiches” on the beach. On the last day though, grandma took some bread out to feed the seagulls, and he had a good time with that, and then he managed to run around the beach without falling for quite a while so he had a great time down there too.
We had three little beach babies with us this week including Tucker’s cousins Audrey and Lane who they call “boss baby”. Audrey and Tucker put on the “no no” show for us one evening. That’s where the rascal Tucker does mischievous things and little Audrey is right behind him pointing her finger and saying “no no.” I have a feeling she’ll be doing a lot of that in her life with a cousin like Tucker.
Of course, her momma thinks she’ll probably instigate a lot of his mischief. It’ll be like–who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Tucker stole the cookies from the cookie jar; of course, he is the only one rascally enough to climb up the counter. But who ate the cookies? Well that would be in Audrey’s department. That hasn’t actually happened yet, we’re just predicting the future.
That baby boy can climb. The first thing I had to do upon checking into our condo is baby proof everything (put up all of their nice little decorations). But I couldn’t get to everything fast enough, because while I moved a bag into our bedroom, Tucker found his way on top of the dining room table, where he found a vase full of pretty decorative little balls. When I came out I saw he had thrown the pretty little decorations all over the dining room, and he was just about to take a bite of the last one. As soon as I got him down, he ran to the glass coffee table and began his weekend-long mission to sit on it. Thankfully, I took some stick-on cabinet locks, so he only got into the kitchen utensils once. By the way, who in the heck keeps those in the bottom drawer?….like geez.
Tucker is a determined little guy, and if you watch him run around, it’s like he is always on a mission. He zones in on something and he won’t give up. Today, just by accident, he got a hold of an empty but sturdy little jewelry box that was latched closed. As we were sitting around talking to the babysitter, he started his next mission—to open the box—and that little box must have entertained him for twenty minutes straight. The babysitter laughed saying “We should have given that box to him a long time ago!”
He was extra-full of energy today. He showed me that he knows a way to climb up into his high chair and if that’s not enough, he then proceeded to wiggle out of his little high chair seat belt in the middle of eating his spaghetti noodles. He caught the corner of my eye as he did this, and when I turned to face him right beside me, he was standing straight up in his chair, waving at me, saying “Hi” with the cutest little mischievous grin.
Oh…..Hi Tucker, Hi.