He’s not telling you

Well it’s summer time, and you know what that means–the kids are soooooo bored. For us, that means A’Dell wants to play lots and lots of games. We play Go Fish, Phase Ten, Uno, Scrabble, War, Spades, you name it. Her new favorite game is Yahtzee!
She has definitely inherited her grandmother’s inclination to fudge the numbers a little though. It seems that every time I go to the bathroom or get up for a drink, she yells out “Yahtzee!”
We were playing Yahtzee out on the porch this weekend when I stepped inside to get a drink. I hardly turned my back and opened the door when I heard her yell out “Yahtzee!”
With this being her 3rd or 4th fishy Yahtzee in our many games that day, I called her out on it.
“You cheated,” I said.
“No I didn’t,” she replied.
“You cheated, and God knows,” I said in a motherly tone.
She looked up at the sky, and thought about that for a quick second, but she quickly responded, “Well he’s not telling you!”
Oh my goodness! What do you say? She is so full of it, but she’s a clever little thing. It’s hard not to start laughing when she comes up with such good material. Maybe she’ll be a comedian when she grows up.
The kids got a heart of gold most of the time. If I stub my toe, she runs over to put a Band-Aid on me. If she earns $20, she usually takes it to church that Sunday and donates it. She is so full of love and kindness, but she sure knows how to cheat at cards and Yahtzee!
Every now and then I look up at the sky, and ask God “How can she be such an angel one minute and a turkey the next?” But, he’s not telling me!