Heart of a Champion speed and strength program begins June 2

Paul Gomez’s annual summer conditioning and strength program starts next week, June 2 from 9:00am to 11:00 am. The camp runs Monday through Thursday throughout June and the first two weeks of July (they are off the week of the 4th of July).
Gomez is the new head football coach for the Warhorses taking command after Chad Quisenberry was promoted to full-time Athletic Director. Gomez’s camp provides all athletes, boys and girls, the opportunity to increase their speed, quickness, and explosiveness.
“The camp is a great time for team members to form a bond and to push each other into becoming better athletes both physically and mentally,” stated Gomez. “Athletes that have taken advantage of the camp in the past have become some of our stronger, more focused, and most dedicated players for whichever sport that they participate.”
The camp is designed for students entering 6th through 12th grades. The cost is $80.00 per person but brothers/sisters receive half off for each additional family member.
One of the neat opportunities of the camp is having the high school athletes and middle school athletes work hand in hand, so to speak. There is encouragement from all members to push their bodies and minds to the limit. When a younger person may have difficulty getting through a drill, the older Warhorses and Arabians are right there to encourage and help push those younger members through the workout.
If a person cannot make every date, don’t worry. Coach Gomez and his crew understand that summer-time is a time for family to spend time together by going on vacations or other activities. With the camp being held in the morning for the first time, it should allow people to attend camp first then proceed with any daily activities.
The dates of the camp are: Week 1-June 5th-8th; Week 2-June 12th-15th; Week 3-June19th-22nd; Week 4-June 27th-29th; Week 5- July 10th-13th.
Waiver forms and payment can be made the first day of camp between 8:00 am and 8:45 am at the high school weight room located between the old gym and the DSAC.