Healthy woman in her 30s finally beats COVID after long 6+ week battle; Medina County cases at 57

Medina County leaders led the weekly conference call this week, announcing that a local woman in her 30’s had finally recovered from COVID, after a very long battle that began in late April. The young woman was incubated and had a tough battle, finally getting to come home to her family this week.
“She is in her 30’s and had NO UNDLERLYING CONDITIONS,” stated Medina County Health Unit Director Patricia Mechler. “She was hospitalized in late April, ended up being intubated. She was later transferred to another facility and then to rehab. This young lady had a very long journey for her. Cases like this remind us that we cannot get complacent as we re-open. We need to continue to be careful.”
Medina County has a total of 57cases in communities here, with the jail outbreak being counted separately now.
More nursing homes affected
Medina County also recently reported that residents at Devine Health and Rehab and Community Care Center in Hondo have now documented 1 positive case each.
A total of 4 Medina County people were hospitalized due to COVID so far, and 2 passed away.
County Judge Chris Schuchart stated, “Cases have been going up in Texas, but the Governor is holding to his latest order even though I think there is some pressure being put on him right now. But it’s not coming from me, and we will continue to follow the Governor’s lead. People just need to be careful about following the social distancing rules.”

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Cases this June
The following shows new cases added this June:
On June 8th the cases were at 46, having a probable case added in the Natalia area.
On June 10th the county reported 4 new cases which brought the total count to 50:
2 – 78009 Zip Code, Close contact transmission
1 – 78861 Zip Code, TDCJ Prison staff
1 – 78059 Zip Code, Community transmission
On June 11, one case was reported in a Long Term Care Facility (Community Care – 78861)
On June 12, one case was added in a Long Term Care Facility Devine Health and Rehab in the 78016 Zip Code.
On June 16th, five new cases were reported. 1 new case in the 78016 Devine area zip code attributed to community transmission. The other four were in the Hondo area 78861 zip code, and are all in the same household, was contracted by close contact
Earlier this June
On June 5th, four Probable Cases were reported in the county. Two in the 78861 Zip Code; 2 in the 78059 Zip Code. One Confirmed Case was also reported in the 78059 Zip Code.
On June 4th, one confirmed case and two probable cases were reported in the 78009 Zip Code, related to close contact.
On June 3rd, one new case was reported in the 78850 Zip Code associated with contact with a TDCJ Prison staff member. A second case was reported in the 78039 Zip Code associated with travel outside the County but within Texas.
On June 1st, one case was reported in the 78009 Zip Code, and is believed to have contracted through travel outside the County within Texas. A second new case was also reported 78861 Zip Code associated with a TDCJ prison staff member.
A note from Devine Health and Rehab
To the Families of Devine Health & Rehabilitation: This letter is to inform you that we have had persons connected with our facility test positive for Coronavirus after testing of all residents and staff on June 8th. All results from those tests have not yet been returned. We expect them to come in batches over the next few days. We will be making calls to inform you of your loved one’s results as we are made aware of them. We have taken, and continue to take, every precaution possible to protect our residents and staff. We are following guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, CMS, and other leading health officials. We regularly update our plan of protection, and are continually implementing new policies for employees and for resident care. Some actions taken include: • Staff wearing the recommended PPE • Respiratory screening of all residents three times per day for symptoms of COVID-19. • Screening of all staff for symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival. • Enhanced housekeeping and disinfecting measures. Regular cleaning of high touchpoint and resident use areas. • Restricted visitation. Only essential personnel are allowed entrance into the facility, except in extreme circumstances. • Staff education programs. Staff have been educated on proper infection control protocol (including regular hand washing, correct usage of PPE, and avoiding touching face or mouth). • Practicing social distancing. • Practicing consistent assignment. • Resident laundry is now being cleaned by the facility, to ensure all CDC guidelines are followed. • Cancellation of communal dining. Residents are being served healthy, high quality meals in their rooms. • Cancellation of group activities. All activities are done one-on-one, in resident’s rooms • Cancellation of group rehabilitation. One-on-one and in-room rehabilitation services continue. Our dedicated infection preventionist is ensuring that we are complying with all recommended procedures.
We are optimistic that with these measures in place, the outbreak will be contained. Please check the news page of our website DevineHealthandRehab/News frequently for updates. Additional statements about the results from the testing on June 8th will also be posted there. We want to keep an open line of communication with you. We will connect you with your loved one and are always available to answer any questions you may have. To schedule a time to video chat with your loved one, please call our facility and ask to speak with our Activity Director.

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