Have adoption in your heart?

Meet Sarah….
Sarah is a sweet fun and loving 13 year old who is filled with energy, and loves being adventurous. Sarah has a fun sense of humor and loves to joke and make new friends.

At school, she says English is her favorite subject. Outside of the classroom, Sarah enjoys, swimming, creating arts and crafts, riding her bike, and listening to music.
Sarah likes to wake up early even on weekends to take part in activities, in or out of the home.
She also enjoys going to the movies, parks, and restaurants. Sarah’s favorite foods include tacos, beef enchiladas, and pizza.
She is also a big pet person and loves dogs.
Sarah would like to be a part of a family with single parent or two parent household, and have siblings around her age or older.
If you think you could be the forever family for Sarah, or for another Texas child, please contact the department at 1-800-233-3405, for more information about adoption or visit here (www.adoptchildren.org) where you can also find a schedule of online public information meetings, where you can learn more about the foster/adoption program.
You may also email reporter@devinenews.com and we will pass on your info.