Happy snacks and chocolate hounds

I was watching TV when this tv doctor came on and I hate court tv so I watched this health show for a minute and he kept saying to ask yourself before eating anything, “Does it really nourish your body?” I looked down at the Reeses candy bar and the bag of chips I was eating and said “What about my soul? It’s good for my soul!” I keep hearing that annoying doctor’s voice now, like a little Jiminy Cricket conscience.
Oh well, I’ll get over it. I need chocolate in my life. There’s a lot of things you can’t do when you’re a mom, especially with a baby on your hip, but you can have chocolate. So I always try to keep a secret stash of chocolate candy bars at home, but as it turns out, my daughter has a nose for candy. She’s a chocolate hound.
Anytime I put something “in a special place” so that I won’t lose it, I usually do forget where I put it. And that was the case with my bag of chocolate bars I had hidden on top of the fridge. One day I was looking for it, and my daughter was right there beside me asking “Mom what are you looking for?”
Of course I didn’t want to tell her, but I eventually got so frustrated and at the peak of my baby boy’s screaming fit, I told her “I am looking for my chocolate!”
She immediately went and got a kitchen chair and reached up and grabbed the bag on top of the fridge. “You mean this chocolate?” she asked with a crooked smile on her face, raising her eyebrows.
So then of course I had to share it with her and, well, it never lasts long that way. I have found a new hiding spot though and it’s really a good one because 1) I remember it and 2) she hasn’t found it. Don’t feel bad for her, it’s just a matter of time.
So then yesterday, which was a fairly stressful day with lots of baby crying, he took a very short nap and I sat back in the recliner. I was enjoying a Dr. Pepper (for like the first time in a week) and as I’m flipping through the channels I see something about new Alzheimer’s research. Within two minutes I tell you they were talking about how “sodas shrink your brain.”
So there I am, getting fatter and dumber by the minute! I was so frustrated. I was just trying to enjoy just a little slice of peaceful quiet time while the baby was napping, but TV keeps ruining my happy snacks!