Hallylouya! An of inch of rain.

Last Monday, we got bout 2 tenths of an inch of rain. On Wednesday, we got the rest, another inch. Hallylouya! And as usual, we ask for more. The weather was cooperative in the sense that it did not rain while we were fixin up the road that we are paving. As a result, Ron Outlaw was dissatisfied with the dust that was created by traffic until we got the paving done. Then he was ok with it. Got his truck all dusty. It was coming up on his annual washing anyway.
There were a couple of vacant seats at Commissioners Court with the Judge and Commissioner Sittre missing. For some reason, the meeting went faster. There was an item on the Agenda concerning the purchase of the Community National Bank and Hondo National Bank properties but, I suggested that we wait until the entire Court was present to vote on this item.
We were introduced to our new Medina County Ag Agent. His name is Taryn Titsworth and he hails from Angelo State…not A&M.
Did more vacating and replatting and found out that the new subdivision that was supposed to go in north of Hondo (in their ETJ) was denied. In many ways, this is a good thing.
There was also some speed limit adjustments made and an area of CR 446 was voted to have “No Through Truck” signs posted to keep 18 wheel trucks off that section of roadway.
By this Thursday, we should be finished with our 4.2 mile paving project and will move on to another smaller section of road that we need to resurface out towards Great Oaks off of CR 7711.
I see that Devine has a new Councilman and both Propositions passed as a result of the latest election. Very poor showing in both instances. We have another election coming up soon…a State Senator runoff on May 24th. I hope we show up in better numbers. Satisfied with your government’s efforts to build back better yet? If not, show up and change the players….specially at the National level.
We will start our 2022-23 Budget preparations on May the 17th at 9 AM in the Commissioners Courtroom in the Medina County Courthouse Annex. This is open to the public and basically is just a “State of the County” informational meeting.
Keep praying for rain. Only 229 days till Christmas and 236 until there is a new Commissioner for Pct 4.