Haby receives 40 vials of antivenom battling Rattlesnake bite, see how you can help cheer him up

Medina County youngster Lance Haby, 4 years old, was struck by a rattlesnake this past Saturday, August 26. He was rushed to University Hospital by ambulance, and has received 40 vials of life-saving antivenom.

It has been a tough go, and he is expected to remain in the hospital for a few days according to his mother, but he has been moved from the ICU to a step-down room as of Monday.
“He was running around at the farm, and stepped on it which explains why it bit him on his left calf instead of the foot,” said his mother Ashli Haby. “He got 20 vials of antivenin the first day in the ICU, and has gotten 40 so far, which I’m told is around the max dose.”
The boy’s father Michael Haby rushed Lance toward town from their home in Rio Medina, meeting his wife at Cora’s Restaurant on the way.
“Of course he was speeding, so the cops started chasing him,” Mrs. Haby said. “Once he got to me, the deputies saw what was happening and knew exactly where the EMS unit was, and they took us straight to them.”
Haby was rushed to University Hospital in San Antonio, which is the best for this kind of injury his mother adds.
A question we often ask is “What’s the best thing to do after a snake bite?” Mrs.Haby shared what she learned.
“You are supposed to keep the leg that was bitten down below the heart, “ Mrs. Haby said. “If you elevate it, it can go to the heart faster. Also they said don’t cover it. You have to leave it open so it can drain.”
He had just lost his grandmother Faye Haass a few days prior.
“I know Lance definitely has his new guardian angel with him,” Mrs. Haby said.
While we are lucky to have the technology of antivenom for Rattlesnakes, there is currently a crisis regarding some other types of antivenom, including coral snake antivenom. The main producer of coral snake antivenom ceased production in 2003 and lots expired in 2008.
University of Arizona and many others were reporting on the situation years ago, at which point it was decided that the expiration dates of those vials of coral snake antivenom would be extended. Articles explain that the because coral snake bites are so rare, companies found it not to be “cost effective” to keep producing it.
In the United States, stock of coral snake antivenom was due to expire in June 30, 2024 in the last report we can find.

If you’d like to send Lance a card of gift…
Let’s send brave little Lance some Get Well cards or gifts to help entertain him since he will be laid up for some time. You can mail them to Lance Haby at 584 County Road 473 Castroville, TX 78009.