Gust of wind tosses big rig around

Around 10 am Saturday morning, April 13, a gust of wind hit this 18 wheeler whipping it around like a rag doll. Moore VFD responded to the accident that happened on I-35 South between the Black Creek Road and Diamond Energy area.
“It came so hard and fast that he just lost it. Winds were blowing from 30-40 miles per hour and his trailer was empty, so it really hit him hard,” according to a Moore VFD firefighter. “The wind blew him off into the ditch between the interstate and access road and then he came back up onto the interstate, causing him to jackknife. He was pretty shaken up. I haven’t ever seen anything like this happen in our area.”
The interstate was shut down for approximately 1 hour.
This was the first of three back to back calls Moore Volunteer Firefighters answered this past Saturday. A special thank you to these volunteer first responders who do so much for our community.