Getting pretty warm..

Getting pretty warm…no rain…(sounds like the chant at Woodstock). Just a tenth the other day. In the meantime, Magnolia, Texas is getting South Texas’ share of rain.

The lections are finally over. No more mailers. The campaign signs are surprisingly all picked up in our area. This is usually done right around the first freeze. Congrats to the winners.
If you don’t know how important a single vote is, ask one of the Candidates in the race for Constable in Pct 3. One vote was the determining factor and I am sure that each Candidate has already found over 10 people who did not bother to cast a vote. I am told that there is a recount in the works for that race and the US Rep Dist 23 race. Will know more on the recount later.
Was able to attend a portion of the Republican Party of Texas convention in San Antonio last month. I am gonna need to go to a few more before I understand what all is taking place. Voted for a couple of people seeking positions in the State Party but, although they agreed that we need to do away with our Bylaws Article 13, they were not declared the winner.
Hope that the explanation of the Appraisal Office inner workings a couple weeks ago was a little help. I have been hearing, but I have not confirmed it, that there will be no changes this year. And I would hope that if a change was to occur, that someone would inform the masses…like someone elected to the Board from our area.
Mission Devine is in full swing this week. If you see a crew working on a project and are physically able and have the time, go head and see if you can lend a hand even if for a couple hours or a day. A good sweat never hurt nobody.
There are some folks working on having a meet and greet session with Congressman Tony Gonzales in the future and the time and date will be posted so that you can have questions answered.
Come November, we will have a chance to win our Country back. We have already taken the first step toward becoming a banana republic and if the Democratic Socialists are not stopped, God is our only hope. Russia and China and Iran and North Korea are laughing at the US like we were their drunk uncle at the New Years Eve party.
Stay cool, check on the less fortunate and pray real hard for rain…just enough to fill our lakes and make our creeks run again.