Get a hot cup of Nellie Ruth’s Coffee

Nellie Ruth’s Coffee is located at 405 1/2 E. Hondo Ave. in Devine.

A 2003 DHS graduate Megan Cantu recently moved back home with her family (husband John and children John Austin and Lola) and opened a delightful drive-thru coffee shop in downtown Devine this April. She serves delicious specialty coffees and muffins at her shop named after another longtime Devine resident, her grandmother Nellie Ruth (Dart) Keith.
“Starting when I was about 8 years old I would always make coffee in the mornings for my Grandma Nell. I would sit there with her, and I eventually started drinking coffee too….None of this would’ve started without my Grandma Nell. She really started my love for coffee so when I was trying to decide what to name my business it was a no-brainer. My grandma was very spunky, but I guess you have to be spunky to raise 15 children! I just loved her fire.”
“I was probably only 11 years old when I started drinking coffee with Grandma Nell, but it was mainly milk with a splash of coffee!” Cantu adds laughing. I guess we could say a love for a cup of coffee runs in the family, “The other day my 5-year-old son snuck a sip of my iced coffee and he looked up at me and said ‘Yum! This is good!”
Stop by and get a hot cup of Nellie Ruth’s Coffee!