Garza 1st for Warhorse XC; Joslin, Bowyer, Garza, and Moralez 3rd through 6th for Arabians

As district competition for the Warhorse and Arabian Cross Country teams near, several runners continue to improve their time as hope for a Regional berth increases.
Warhorse Xavier Garza won the varsity boy division at Devine’s third home meet of the season. Xavier ran the three-mile route at Devine Golf Course in 18:10 to finish ahead of second place Warhorse runner Isaiah Morin who ran a 19:40.
Rylan Mata, Marcus Angel Espinosa, and Thomas Mendoza placed in the top six overall.
Arabian Katelyn Joslin continued her stellar freshman campaign with a 3rd place result in the varsity girl division. Katelyn’s 13:50 was just ahead of teammate Brianna Bowyer who ran a 14:12 to come in fourth.
Yessika Garza and Kristina Moralez also finished in the top six spots.
JV Warhorses Stephen Culver, Chris Sanidad, Jason Sanidad, Seth DeLeon, Enrique Midobuche, and Owen Fowler all placed in the top seven.
JV Arabian Emily Mares was the lone Devine participant and placed fifth.
Varsity girl team
1st Pleasanton 27 2nd Devine 31, 3rd Somerset 80.
Top 6 and Arabians
1st Caitlyn Nieschwitz-Pleasanton 13:19, 2nd Kassidy Vickers-Pleasanton 13:39, 3rd Katelyn Joslin-Devine 13:50, 4th Brianna Bowyer-Devine 14:12, 5th Yessika Garza-Devine 14:28, 6th Kristina Moralez-Devine 14:34, 13th Rebecca Mares 15:48, 14th Trinity Black 15:59, 17th Corinne Fowler 16:09, 19th Audrey Longoria 16:19.
JV Arabian
5th Emily Mares 18:41.
Top 6 and Warhorses
1st Xavier Garza-Devine 18:10, 2nd Isaiah Morin-Devine 19:40, 3rd Malachai Bennett-Somerset 19:45, 4th Rylan Mata-Devine 20:15, 5th Marcus Angel Espinosa-Devine 20:16, 6th Thomas Mendoza-Devine 20:18, 11th Christopher Ortiz 21:05, 12th Kristofer Aguirre 21:59, 13th Jesse House 22:24, 16th Arturo Diaz 23:54.
JV Warhorses
2nd Stephen Culver 23:09, 3rd Chris Sanidad 23:21, 4th Jason Sanidad 23:48, 5th Seth DeLeon 23:53, 6th Enrique Midobuche 25:58, 7th Owen Fowler 27:54.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer