Game Wardens crack down on road hunters

Medina County Game Wardens are investigating a road hunting incident in northern Medina County this September, in which a Red Stag was shot and killed from the road on the night of Saturday, September 9 or early morning hours of September 10th.
Medina County Game Warden Cody Buckaloo says they’ll be cracking down on road hunting in the area. He warns that penalties for road hunting have gotten much steeper than they used to be, especially when it comes to illegally hunting native whitetail deer.
“The call we got this past weekend was for a Red Stag that was shot in the gut, and just left to die in a high-fence ranch near the intersection of Hwy 173 and CR 251 in northern Medina County. Maybe it was just a high school kid out joy riding but everyone needs to understand that road hunting exotics like this Red Stag is an arrestable offense.”
“When it comes to illegally hunting whitetail, the penalties are even more serious. It’s actually a State Jail Felony,” Buckaloo said. “You have one of those on your record, and you’ll never be allowed to own a firearm again….. It used to be Class C Misdemeanor, but road hunters face serious felony charges today, so you might want to think twice before you go out joyriding. And you never know what’s behind that brush line when you’re illegally shooting into somebody else’s property. There might be a family sleeping in their home behind that brush line.”
“The amount of road hunting and signs being shot up seems to be getting a little worse, so we’ll be out there actively looking for the people doing it,” Buckaloo said, “and we’re asking for residents to please call us if you see anything like that.. The last thing we want is to see a bullet going through somebody’s window accidentally.”
If you can get a license plate number of the perpetrator that is especially helpful. If you have any information about this case or anything else to report, please feel free to contact Medina County Game Wardens at 210-287-5395 or 830-660-6877.