From the desk of Chief Kandy L. Benavides

Citizens of Devine,
I’m sure that you are all aware of the I.R.S. Scams. I would like to share with you an incident where one of our citizens received a computer generated recording from an alleged person posing as an IRS employee. The citizen was instructed to call the telephone number that was left, due to legal actions, or a lawsuit that may be filed against them by the IRS. When the citizen returned the call, the person on the other line, usually with a heavy accent, may advise that you have a warrant for your arrest. Most people are alarmed so they begin asking how they can take care of this. The caller may tell you how much you owe and discuss what you are able to pay today. An amount is reached and they may ask if you have the cash in hand or would you need to retrieve it from your bank. At some point in the conversation, the caller may attempt to verify your name, address and telephone number. The caller may ask if you are calling from a land line or your cellular telephone. Now that the caller has engaged with you, they will ask what type of stores you have in your area, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. You will answer by relaying a name of a store that is closest to you. The caller may instruct you to stay on the phone with them and go to the nearest store. Once inside, the caller may instruct you to tell them what kind of pre-paid (gift) cards you can see. After they pick cards from the choices given, they may instruct you to put money on the pre-paid gift cards and read the number back to them. At this point, you have given the caller the ability to purchase gifts on-line with your money.
Remember, the IRS will never randomly call or leave you a message. IRS may return a call that you have originally placed. If you receive any messages like what was mentioned above, do not call the number back. Do not give in to fear tactics. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Devine Police Department; we are here for you and will be more than happy to assist you.