Freaky Friday

I bought the old version of the movie Freaky Friday to watch with my daughter. She quickly got into it, telling me that I could never survive a day as her at school. Judging by the looks of some of her math homework, she might be right. Surprisingly though, she did take the moral of the story to heart.
“I would not want to be you, mom, that’s for sure!” she said.
That made me feel really good! Just that morning we had an extremely long argument and whining session about her cleaning underneath the TV cabinet.
“Are you sure A’Dell?…After all, if you were me, YOU could make ME do chores like clean underneath the cabinet?”
“Yeah, but then I would have to do all the stuff you do ALL DAY LONG!!!” she replied.
I tried my darndest for a “Freaky Fridayish Saturday” but she wouldn’t wish she was me at the same time. So I had to keep doing mom things all day. Sometimes being a mom is so sweet though.
One day last week baby Tucker started screaming while we were on the way to the babysitter. I reached back to soothe him, twisting my arm backwards in the most uncomfortable position ever (and I wonder why I have a neck ache). But he immediately stopped crying as he wrapped both of his little hands around my finger. It was so precious. He held on tightly and quietly all the way to the sitter’s house.
I guess I agree with A’Dell, I wouldn’t want to be anyone else, but me.