Five-car pileup sends 18-wheeler down embankment, shuts down I-35 N. for hours

All five vehicles involved in the accident had to be removed by a wrecker.

Emergency crews had their hands full this past Monday night, Sept. 25 with a nasty five-car pileup just south of Devine, involving three pick-up trucks and two 18-wheelers. The accident was just before the I-35 North overpass crossing over Hwy 132 as you head toward Moore (just north of the Gusville Trailer Park). Devine Fire Department, Medina County Sheriff’s office, and Devine PD were paged out to assist DPS with the major accident.
Devine volunteer firemen received the call just before 10 pm, and didn’t return to the station until about 1:15 am that night.
“It was a mess,” said Devine Fire Chief Mike Walker. “We had three pick-up trucks, an 18-wheeler, and down at the bottom was another 18-wheeler that took out the guardrail and went straight down the embankment. I’d estimate it went down at least 300 feet from I-35. I think the concrete wall is the only thing that saved him from going off the bridge that lies just ahead of the embankment.”

This 18-wheeler tore through a guardrail and down an embankment before coming to a stop.

Both of the I-35 Northbound lanes were completely shut down for over two hours and traffic was stacked up for miles.
“Standing on top of the bridge, all I could see was nothing but tail lights for miles…18-wheelers and cars backed up bumper to bumper. Traffic was backed up for what I would guess is about two miles north and six miles south, from the scene of the wreck on I-35, all the way up to downtown Devine at the four-corners, and it was also backed up the other way, all the way to Moore. They said traffic was stacked all the way past the weigh station.

Only two people were transported by EMS, and there were no deaths.

“All five of the vehicles had to be hauled off by a wrecker. It was very surprising and fortunate nobody was badly injured or killed,” Walker added. “We also had diesel tanks spraying diesel all over the highway.”
A total of five people were reportedly involved, and amazingly only two people were injured and transported to the hospital in stable condition.
We are always grateful to the law enforcement and volunteer firemen who respond to emergencies like this. Devine volunteer firemen responding that night were Chief Mike Walker, Daniel Ehlinger, Austin Ehlinger, Dana Frances, Byron Hruzek, Justine Hruzek, Victor Chavez, and Jessica Meeks.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article stated the wreck took place Aug. 25. It has been edited to reflect the correct date.

Traffic was backed up for hours.