Fire erupts in Walmart parking lot

A fire erupted from a small SUV in front of the Walmart Garden Center in Devine this past Thursday, August 1 around 8:53 am.

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“The two ladies were inside shopping and someone in the parking lot called 911,” said Devine Fire Chief Mike Walker. “When I arrived there were several cars in the vicinity, but they were pulling away as I got there. The fire started in the engine compartment, and most of it was contained to the engine compartment area, but it melted the windshield and of course the vehicle is still totaled. We believe it was caused by something in the fuse box or battery, but it’s hard to tell.”
“The ladies were shocked when they came out of Walmart with bags of groceries,” Chief Walker said. “They said they haven’t had any mechanical issues, so they were just shocked.”
The volunteer firemen have been so busy running 3-4 calls per day, and are always in need of more volunteers to provide this life-saving important service to the community.
“Over 70% of firemen in the United States are volunteers, and 50-60% of volunteers are over the age of 40,” noted Chief Walker.
Volunteer today by calling (830) 665-4246.

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