FBI agents and computer analysis team raid home in Devine

FBI agents in full tactical gear armed with AR-15’s surrounded a home on Dove Street in Devine this past Friday, August 24 to conduct a search warrant. The street is located right behind the Devine High School teacher parking lot, near one of the exits, so several teachers exiting the parking lot were stopped and told to wait inside their vehicles as the FBI surrounded the home.

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“As I left the DHS faculty parking lot at 2:45 pm, headed south on Dove Street, I noticed police and sheriff’s department had the street closed off. I witnessed four armed officers in body armor advance toward house,” said Mr. Jason Mohr, a teacher at Devine ISD. “I parked in the middle of Dove Street to wait out whatever was going on as there is no other way out. After about 5 minutes, officers with AR-15’s and shotguns came back from around the house, back towards the street.
“About the same time a blue van and white car turned onto Dove and parked in front of house. At this time those of us waiting were waved on to exit. As I passed the house I noticed 10 or so men and women in black suits, a woman sitting on the driveway with a large dog between her knees. The two vans in front of house and several cars all had US Government license plates.”
The agents stayed for several hours according to witnesses and neighbors. What the search warrant was for is not being released, but a neighbor did see a van marked FBI Computer Analysis Response Team.
A neighbor states “They pulled a computer out of the house and took it inside a van marked FBI Computer Analysis Response Team and then took it back in. They also brought out several little things that appeared to be hard drives and put them inside what looked like evidence bags. There were two vans, and then 9-10 unmarked cars and SUVs. They came in very quietly.”
“I know one of my neighbors was pulling into her driveway at the same time they came in, and they walked up to her car and told her to stay inside for several minutes before they allowed her to get out,” he adds.
The San Antonio FBI branch was contacted and stated that they could only confirm there was an operation in Devine on Friday, and that it would most likely be at least several weeks if any public information regarding this operation was to be released.

An entourage of about 10 unmarked vehicles, numerous FBI agents, and one van marked Computer Analysis Response Team surrounded the home on Dove Ave.
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