Fake Urine

A quick overview of Lytle P.D.’s activity last week shows that officers handled 38 calls for service (that number is lower than average) and conducted 79 traffic stops. Of those stops, 54 resulted in a citation or citations and 39 were warnings.
In all, three property crimes were reported to us last week: #1 – The construction company working for TXDOT reported a piece of equipment damaged. The side mirrors were broken, and the hood was left open (probably trying to get to the battery). #2 – Dollar General reported a theft of unknown merchandise valued at between $100 and $200. #3 – H.E.B. reported a theft of $161 worth of merchandise. The suspect was identified and charges are pending. It just wouldn’t be a normal week if somebody didn’t steal something from a local store.
Officers made two arrests last week. #1 – Ofc. J. Cortez (assisted by Sgt. Hanson) conducted a traffic stop on Main St. for a vehicle with no lights. It was determined the driver was under the influence and was arrested for D.W.I.; he was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. #2 – Officers A. Lopez and R. Garcia responded to a roadside disturbance on Wisdom Rd. It resulted in the arrest of a female for possession of a controlled substance (Meth) and possession of a drug test falsification device. An uncommon charge, but basically, she had some fake urine, for use in passing a drug test. I don’t know much about fake urine (or real urine for that matter), is it cheaper than the real thing?
Now it’s time for some important travel/road information. This time the roadway is FM 2790, the road you take to leave Lytle and head to Somerset. Over the next two weeks, there will be 5 days when the roadway is a single lane. While you will be able to travel in both directions, there will be a flagger, so you may be in for a little wait. This is only a small stretch of roadway. The work is necessary for Rosewood Estates, a big subdivision under construction, to build out their entrances according to TXDOT requirements. This construction will start once you get past Lytle State Bank and should be complete before you reach the North Prong of the Atascosa River. Trust me, a little disruption would be better now as opposed to something not being designed correctly and we all end up dealing with it for years.
Here is my public service announcement for the week: A small child was shopping with their mother at H.E.B. and found a folded-up dollar bill on the floor. The bill contained what appeared to be methamphetamine. The mother turned the property into us. This is something you may want to think about before you pick up paper money. This is nothing new, 24 years ago when I was in the restaurant business, I ran into the same thing.
All is well on the home front; I am adapting to telling people I have 5 kids. Canon is just over 4 weeks old, Benji will be 2 in August, Joy is 13, Luke is 15, and Grace is 18! Last week we all made it to church, and we took up a whole pew. I am waiting to see if our church hits us with some sort of surcharge or something.