A’Dell had her big birthday party this past weekend, and Aunt Brittany made her a special cake as always. A’Dell always has a special request…this year she asked for a “Candy Land” cake. Aunt Britt Britt went all out, and one of the little cousins at the party was especially impressed.
Little Cage commented, “This cake is so awesome. I want to make a cake like this. If I had a cake like this I would barf with excitement!”
Now that’s what I call excited! That had to be my favorite comment of the evening. I can’t remember the last time I was thrilled. Cage is what they call “all boy.” He’s always inspecting every vehicle or toy car, checking out the wheels and mechanics. He once asked his mother for a real Shark Vacuum cleaner for Christmas, just so he could “take it apart and see how it works.”
“He is such a boy, all boy,” that’s a phrase I hear a lot when people meet my Baby Tucker, too. Yesterday evening, I heard the robot vacuum Roomba start straining, and when I looked down the hallway, I found Tucker lying on his belly surfing the hallway. He had his arms and legs stretched out like he was flying, laying on the poor Roomba, just watching the floor roll by. He must have heard it straining too, because then he got off and turned it over to work on it like a mechanic. He IS such a boy.
Well, summer is almost here! I am so excited I could….you guessed it…..BARF with excitement!