As a boy who’s “all boy” baby Tucker is naturally drawn to gross things. So when he spots a spider or other bug, he follows them around pointing and saying “Ewww! Ewwww! Mama Ewww!” Sometimes he will even lie down on the floor to get a bug’s eye view of the gross little thing. What a funny kid.
He was a Sheriff Cowboy for Halloween, and knowing how crazy it gets at trick-or-treating time, I did a little photo shoot of him in his costume earlier in the morning. Good thing I did because there’s no way I would have made the embarrassing noises I had to make to get him to smile in front of other trick-or-treaters. He spent the first 10 minutes of our photo session pulling at his hat–on and off, on and off. That’s when I broke out into making crazy noises behind the camera and he broke out into a smile…..the things we do for our babies.
Last week we got a big sectional couch. We found it for a great deal on Craigslist, and you just never know how those deals are going to go, but this one turned out great. We got a luxurious 3 recliner, 6 seat sectional sofa, soft as could be, and it even has a fancy little center console with cup holders, (so now we shouldn’t have to fight over the end spot of the sofa next to the coffee table).
Yet, when we got it delivered my husband’s first comment was “Well this couch is going to be great for hide-n-seek” (thinking of the kids of course, haha). I laughed, but man oh man, big sister sure does agree. She went on for 10 minutes about all the different hiding places and tunnels behind the L-shaped couch that she would use. She started off saying “This is going to be great for my birthday party when we play hide and seek (6 months from now), and then she shrieked “Wait! I can play hide n seek with Tucker right now!”
Tucker quickly claimed his sitting spot, sitting on top of the console between the seats. The console, which is kind of elevated, is his little pedestal to sit on, and the cup holders are for his little feet it seems. Sitting up there, he has a good view of the living room and kitchen floors, so he can stand watch, and say “Ewwww!” every time a bug walks across our floor.
As for me, well I’m enjoying the reclining function of the couch! Now, if only I could use the cup holders for my drink!