Everyone welcome at 12th Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Chairmen for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner are getting off to a later start this year but organizers are up for the challenge and will continue as usual hosting the 12th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner providing a home cooked turkey dinner for anyone who would like to join in on the community event.
Co-Chairs are Roger Pedroza and Charlie Alvarado with the help of Pat West and Juan Cuellar.
“Pedroza had heart surgery two years ago and the organization skipped the dinner in 2017. But they re-organized and got back at it in 2018 as Pedroza said, “Health issues are still a factor, but it’s my heart that wants to continue doing the event.”
The dinner will take place as usual at the St. Joseph’s Parish Hall at 108 S. Washington St in Devine from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, November 22nd, everyone is invited and volunteers are encouraged to stay and eat as well. 40 turkeys will be cooked for the dinner which includes the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, cranberries.
A limited number of plates will be delivered to the homebound only who would otherwise miss the holiday, please call in names and addresses of those homebound so delivery can be set up.

In the past they have served over 800 plates costing between $5,000 and $6,000 total. There is some money left over from last time around but more is needed. Previous sponsors are encouraged to step up to the plate.
Wednesday- Many volunteers are needed on Wednesday, November 27th to assist with preparation, everything from setting up the tables and decorations to peeling potatoes, and baking the turkeys. A lot of help is needed on Wednesday with the cutting up and chopping up of food. Join in on the fun by calling to see where you can help or just show up Wednesday morning. We will put you to work, all helpers greatly appreciated!
Thursday- Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28 they will need volunteers to assist in serving the dinner and helping keep the hall in good order.
Friday is clean-up day when the hall will receive a good cleaning to put everything back where it belongs.
If you are able to donate in any way, either physically by helping or monetarily to cover the costs, please contact one of the following people: Roger Pedroza at 210-215-7955, Charlie Alvarado at 210-846-6255, Pat West at 210-394-3652 or Juan Cuellar at 210-415-9898. Contact any of these about homebound dinners.
Please remember that they are planning to execute this in a very limited time frame so it will take a great effort to accomplish everything that needs to be done.
The dinner is open to everyone in the community. Many who participate would be alone on the holiday if not for this dinner or are unable to celebrate Thanksgiving on their own for some reason.
This is a community event for all the surrounding area. St. Joseph Catholic Church donates the use of the Parish Hall every year while Natalia Junior High School Cafeteria has been allowing the committee to use their kitchen for portions of the preparation, as 40 turkeys are cooked for the event. The City of Devine has offered the use of the Community Center but kitchen facilities and refrigeration are required.
Student Service hours
Students who need community service hours can snag a number of those required by offering their services by volunteering.