Eaton recuperating at home following accident

Eaton has a long road ahead of him but is on the way to recovery.

Local herpetologist Blaine Eaton is home and resting after a terrible rollover accident on IH 35 on June 29 involving him and his 9 year old grandson Curtis and their 41 snakes and 1 small alligator, all on the way to an educational lecture. He is an amazing and generous man so the community of Devine and the surrounding area and his fellow reptile society friends quickly came with offers of help and prayers.
“My dad has been home since last Sunday. He’s recovering but still has a long way to go”, said Kim Kuykendall.
We go back to the doctor this week to have his lung checked out. As far as his broken bones, they are mending slowly. They get x-rayed again in August to see where they are in the healing process. ”
“We have received a total of $4000 in fundraisers to help with bills, fix my dad’s suburban, and help rebuild his snake displays. To date we have 10 that have been purchased and are being built. We need 20 more.”
Eaton has been bringing his educational display of snakes, turtles, alligator, and such to the annual Devine Fall Festival for many years and is always draws the biggest crowds. People spend a lot of time outside in the country in this part of South Texas so they are always eager to learn about them close up not just by looking at pictures on a brochure. Many bring their children and grandchildren to look at the snakes in their display cases, so they can be aware of the dangerous ones, learn what they truly look like, how easy they are camouflaged and respect the roles of all of them in our environment. Mr. Eaton travels all over the state with his educational displays to help others learn about these reptiles and their role.
“We have confirmed that some of the fellow Herpetologists from South Texas Amphibian Reptile Society (S.T.A.R.S.) will be here to help my dad out with the Fall Festival this year and appreciate all their help so the community can continue to learn first hand”,
Eaton’s 9 year old grandson Curtis Kuykendall will receive an award this week. He was in the accident with Eaton while on their way to an educational lecture in San Antonio. The accident occurred on IH 35 between Devine and Von Ormy ater a back tire blewout and the vehicle subsequently rolled over least twice and landed on the driver’s side pinning Eaton. Curtis will be receiving an award this week from the emergency responders. He was very helpful in identifying the snakes that had gotten loose and helping the emergency workers get them back into the cages. Since Curtis has grown up helping his grandpa Eaton with the snakes and the lectures he was a world of knowledge in which ones were poisonous, how to handle them, and bravely did what needed to be done despite his own injuries . We will have that story and photos next week.
“We were so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and prayers we received during this time of crisis from our community and friends. Devine truly is a wonderful community to live in and raise a family in”, said Mrs. Terry Eaton while I was visiting with her and her daughter Kim one day. “We thank God daily for his love and guidance and our wonderful friends”.
Anyone who would like to help Eaton get back on his feet and his displays replaced can do so at :
https://www. gofundme. com/ animal-educators-equipment-ruined . It was set up by a close friend of the Eaton family and is helping fund the restoration project as well as some bills caused from the accident. They need 20 more displays at this time.
By KK Calame