Driver fights off turkey that smashes through windshield alive

Aaron Mcree from Dilley was sitting by Medina Glass in Devine picking glass out of himself after a large turkey flew through the window of his big rig, busting a huge hole in the windshield right above the steering wheel.
He estimates the turkey to weigh about 40-60lbs.
“I was on FM 462 this morning going from Hondo to Moore when it came flying through my windshield. It was going nuts, so I held down the turkey with my left leg while I tied to brake with my other. I was trying to stay in my lane going 70 mph on a narrow two lane road with not much shoulder on either side. Finally at about 30 mph I was able to open and kick the turkey out the door and my trailer ran over it, that’s what finally killed it.”
“It’s funny now,” he said holding up a few turkey feathers in the cab, “But it sure wasn’t funny when that turkey was in the truck with me. I was afraid it was gonna tear me up, take out one of my eyes with those spurs it had.”
There were two turkeys and thankfully the other one flew around just in time.
Jeanette Rench who has worked at Medina Glass for about five years says she has seen a lot of damage to windshields from birds, but nothing like this.
“I’ve never had a customer tell us they had to fight the bird off after it flew through their windshield!” Rench said. It smashed through the windshield on the driver’s side, leaving it dangling at the top. The hole is estimated to be about a foot wide x 2 feet tall. By comparison, the whole windshield of the big rig was about 3 feet tall.