Driscoll Public Library Reading Champions hit the gates running

We are excited to announce all the kids who participated in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. This year’s participants ranged in age from 5 years to 18 years old and were required to record 300 minutes of reading time per log. A total of 229 reading logs were turned in by 55 participants. The program began June 4 and continued for eight weeks, ending on July 30. This year participants could earn extra tickets for a chance to win one of the 21 prizes we offered as incentive by submitting up to three book reviews. These extra chances were very successful with 49 book reviews (min. 25 words) submitted. We received positive feedback from educators and parents regarding the book reviews and how much it would help students retain and enhance writing skills as well as reading over the summer break. The following are the participants and the number of logs and hours turned in.
Gold Medal winners (15) – each of these participants turned in the maximum number of logs for a total of 40 hours of reading time and earned all three medals: Avery Cummings, Araceli Gallosa, Megan Gierisch, Lilliana Godina, Diego Mendoza, Matias Mendoza, Alize Ortiz, Madison Purchis, Abelia Ramos, Caleb Rebman, Dylan Rebman, Micah Schultz, Selah Schultz, Lacey Steubing, and Khloe Wilson.
Silver Medal winners (10) – each of these participants turned in 5 or more logs and earned two medals: Cole Maxwell, Michael Medina, Maya McElwee, Rebekah Boehme, Lilliana Cardenas, Caleb Maxwell, Evi McElwee, Illana Settles, Zachary Settles, and Baylee Boehme.
Bronze Medal winners (11) – each of these participants turned in 3 or more logs and earned one medal – Libby Grego, Ariana Settles, Weston Banks, Cryxen Clinard, Rhett Glass, Caleb Gutierrez, Alyxia Olivarez, Aubrey Olivarez, Hannah Richard, Katherine Richard, and Emma Roberson.
The following participants turned in at least one Reading Challenge log or book review: Allison Balencia, Abigail Contreras, Rozlyn Courtade, Esme Eads, Victoria Gallegos, Trinity Gulley, Abigail Gutierrez, Sophia Gutierrez, Andie Haass, Isabella Hair, Wyatt Hair, Esteban Mendoza, Nathaly Mendoza, Gaby Paramo, Noah Paramo, Penelope Peralta, Alisha Stocks, Madison Velera, and Abby Velera.
The staff of the Driscoll Public Library wishes to congratulate all participants on a job well done. We are already gearing up for next summer!