Driscoll Public Library 2017 Reading Champions

We are so excited at the library to announce all the kids who won medals in this summer’s reading challenge. The program began June 1st and continued for 8 weeks ending on July 21st. The participants range in age from 5 years old to 18 years old and were required to record 300 minutes of reading time per log. The following are the participants who won medals for turning in 3 or more logs:
White Medal Winners (15 hours of reading time): 3 logs – Connor Braham, Dominic Davalos, Arayla Dominguez, Isabelle Dominguez, Ethin Erwin, Hunter Erwin, Matthew Hauff, Kaytie Klein, Crystal J. Martinez, Johnny Martinez, Maya McElwee, Landin Monreal, Aubrey Olivarez, Kris Ramirez, Amy Rion, Celeste Rion, Khloe Riso, Kaylee White, and Paige Williamson. 4 logs – Arabelle Davalos, Gretchen Gilmer, Jasmine Riso, and Olivia Zapata.
Red Medal Winners (25 hours of reading time): 5 logs – Kaitlyn Branam, Violet Morgan, Madison Purchis, Brandon Stevens, Lilliana Vasquez, and Jayden West. 7 logs – Priscilla Cardenas.
Blue Medal Winners (40 hours of reading time): 8 logs – Madison Cross, Ahydalie Fuentes, Jathaniel Garza, Megan Gierisch, Caleb Jackson, Nathan Jackson, Kaitlyn Johnson, Mikaela Johnson, Ana Mendoza, Liliana Mendoza, Catherine Richard, Nicholas Smith, Autumn Solomon, and Jianna Zamora.
Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for participating this year.