Downtown mural celebrates Everything Devine

There’s a new mural in town. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop by Sherry’s Flowers in downtown Devine. This beautiful mural painted by local artist Kirsten Schneider encompasses all things Devine. It highlights the iconic maroon and gold water tower, the community’s big heart, awesome golf course, local farming and hunting industries, excellent Mexican food, music, churches, and of course, “We love Eddie.”
“Cindy Morales contacted me and asked me to do it. It was a really fun project,” Schneider said. “It started out as a butterfly, but it took on its own personality as I went….it really did. When I got close to finishing, my mind was blown and I just needed a few more items to add to it. So we called some friends and they started recommending some more ideas to add to it.”
Schneider worked on the mural for about two and a half weeks.
Morales is super pleased with the mural, and can’t wait to start the next one at Bushel and A Peck.
“I think having little murals around town is kind of fun, and we are hoping it spreads,” Morales said. “I already talked to another business owner who said he is in. Marcus kind of started this with the color wall (in downtown Devine) and then Margaret did the beautiful mural (at Mag’s Place), so I knew I wanted to do something. We started with the idea of a butterfly, but then we started thinking outside of the box. Kirsten is a former classmate and she is so talented. I am going to keep her busy! We named this mural the Devine Butterfly.”

By Kayleen Holder