Donate to Devine Rehab Team

Carla Walker and Kandace Ehlinger, members of the Devine Rehab Team, show some of the items that can be used to assist the volunteer firefighters on calls.

What do you think of when you hear the word FIRE? “Hope they got out and are ok”; “Gosh, so sad they might lose everything”; or “Hope they get it out soon”. These are just a few thoughts.
Now, to ask a Firefighter the same question.
What do you think of when you hear the word FIRE? From a few Devine VFD firefighters: “Hot, is it moving fast, long hours fighting; hope several will be there to help with the call”; “What, who’s life or property is in danger”; “Where’s the smoke, who can I help today; who is in the greatest need than me”; “Hard work, pushing oneself to the limits to save property or life”; “Pushing yourself beyond greater lengths for anyone’s life at stake as well saving as much property as possible”; “There is a need in the community, on opportunity to “Love my neighbor as myself”; or “How big is it, what is in its path, what is the weather going to do”.
Now, that we have you thinking, the reason why we asked this question is because we are getting into the busiest fire calls of the year, “grass and brush fires.” These calls can be small but can become hundreds of acres. Not only are the Volunteers battling the high summer heat, they are also being hit by the heat from the fire as well. Yes, they wear fire gear, but it could run their body temperature up to approximately 124 degrees. Not only will the call drain you very fast mentally and physically, the volunteer can become very dehydrated and depleted. We know many Volunteers appreciate when water, gatorade, snacks and even A/C is available by having the Rehab Team. This gives the volunteer firefighters a moment to stop to take a break and rehydrate before getting back to complete the job we were called out to do.
We are pleased to announce two members of the Devine Fire Rehab Team, Carla Walker and Kandace Ehlinger. When a call drops in Devine, or a surrounding district that Devine goes to assist, these ladies will load up ice chests, chairs, pop up canopies, cooling vests, neck wraps, plastic totes with items such as: baby wipes, trash bags, hand sanitizers, water/gatorade and snacks for the volunteer firefighters, and set up on-scene. Depending on the weather, and type of incident taking place, they will bring out supplies as needed. They will set up, and start providing rehab, for all the Volunteers assisting on-scene. Looking back at the calls last year, our department made close to 100 calls, just during the summer months.
The Devine Rehab Team is asking for items to replenish supplies used during these incidents. Any individuals that would like to volunteer their time would be greatly appreciated as well.
The Devine Fire Station is located at 202 E. Herring Ave Devine, TX 78016. Meeting nights will be held Monday and Thursday evenings starting at 7pm. You can contact the Devine Fire Station at 830-665-4246.
All donations will be greatly appreciated, not only by Devine Volunteers but any other Medina County Volunteers who we may respond to calls. Thank you in advance, The Devine Rehab Team, and all Volunteers.
Daniel 3:17 “If this be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and He will deliver us out of your hand, O King”