DMS track roundup

Each of the four Devine Middle School divisions did an outstanding job competing this past Thursday in Carrizo Springs at the Wildcat Junior High Invitational. The 7th grade Fillys and the 8th grade Colts brought back the championship plaque from each of their divisions while the 8th grade Fillys and the 7th grade Colts each finished as the runner-up.
“The weather provided challenges that we have not seen this season with a hefty head wind in the home stretch and affecting all field events,” stated Coach Khera Vay. “The kids accepted the challenge and proved that regardless of weather, we were there to compete. This was a great final invitational meet before we run district on Friday back in Carrizo. We as a staff got a good look at kids in new events and know what moves and adjustments we need to make to bring home four district titles on Friday. This week we will continue our hard work and spend time fine tuning in preparation for Friday.” To briefly put it, according to Coach Lon Cozby, the kids “did good.”
7th grade girls: 1st Place-Devine-197, 2nd Place-Carrizo Springs-113, 3rd Place-Cotulla-88. Event results: 2400m-Corine Fowler-2nd-2:00 4x100m Relay-Chasity Reyes, Samantha Lascano, Brooklyn Crossland, Macey Hein-1st-57.26 100m Hurdles-Aleyna Gerlach-1st-30.78, Joslyn Ayon-2nd-31.55, Kendal Marek-4th-32.34 100m-Lascano-3rd-14.86 4x200m Relay-Reyes, Lascano, Crossland, Hein-2nd-2:08 300m Hurdles-Yessika Garza-2nd-58.11, Emily Cruz-4th-1:02 200m-Reyes-2nd-31.49 1600m-Kelli Geyer-3rd-6:58, Audrey Longoria-5th-7:10 1600m Relay-Kadence Yeats, Lacey Shook, Giulianna Gonzales-1st-4:54 Long Jump-Hein-2nd-13’2”, Lascano-5th-11’10 ½” Triple Jump-Yeats-2nd-26’5”, Marek-4th-25’6” High Jump-Hein-1st-4’4”, Lindsey Herrera-3rd-4’0” Shot Put-Brooke Schott-1st-27’7 ¼” Discus-Gonzales-6th-55’5” Pole Vault-Garza-6’6”.
8th grade girls: 1st Place-Carrizo Springs-214, 2nd Place-Devine-198, 3rd Place-Cotulla-60. Event results: 2400m-Yamairra Cardenas-5th-12:49, Lysette Rodriguez-6th-12:50 4x100m Relay-Brianna Bowyer, Sidney Weyel, Jeanette Rios, Kenzie Schneider-1st-55.55 800m-Brooke Runyan-2nd-2:42 100m Hurdles-Megan Runyan-1st-18.14, Hannah Blackwell-5th-22.30 100m-Aliyah Terrazas-1st-14.11, Rios-2nd-14.30, Allison Stevens-5th-15.05 4x200m Relay-M. Runyan, Stevens, Schneider, Terrazas-1st-1:57 300m Hurdles-Blackwell-6th-59.11 200m-Terrazas-1st-29.40, Stevens-2nd-31.14, Rios-3rd-31.24 1600m Relay-Victoria Gonzales, Schneider, B. Runyan, M. Runyan-1st-4:45 Long Jump-Terrazas-1st-13’11 ½”, Stevens-5th-12’8 ½” Triple Jump-M. Runyan-2nd-27’6”, Schneider-3rd-27’2 ½” High Jump-M. Runyan-1st-4’2”, Stevens-4th-4’0” Shot Put-Mackenzie McClellan-4th-28’ 2 ¾” Discus-Analea Brooks-1st-68’6”, McClellan-5th-60’6” Pole Vault-Bowyer-1st-6’6”, Kaylah Hollembeak-4th-6’0”, Trinity Garza-5th-6’0”.
7th grade boys: 1st Place-Carrizo Springs-173, 2nd Place-Devine-123, 3rd Place-Cotulla-71. Event results: 800m-Christopher Ortiz-2nd-2:33 110m Hurdles-Zachary Nowicki-1st-20.31, Brady Hackebeil-3rd-21.27 100m-Wyatt Spivey-4th-13.46 4x200m Relay-Zachary Rico, Jadon West, Sage Cruz, Jacinto Solis-2nd-1:54 400m-Hackebeil-4th-1:01 300m Hurdles-Nowicki-2nd-56.30 200m-Cruz-2nd-29.78, Rico-6th-30.99 1600m-Ortiz-1st-5:50 1600m Relay-Brian Schaefer, Hayden DuBose, Solis, Hackebeil-2nd-4:29 Long Jump-Charles Carr-6th-15’2 ½” Triple Jump-Cruz-4th-31’3 ¼”, West-5th-30’9 ¾”, Nowicki-6th-29’6” High Jump-Schaefer-2nd-4’6”, Hackebeil-4th-4’4”, Solis-6th-4’4” Shot Put-Joseph Blanquiz-6th-29’7” Discus-Jacob Guajardo-5th-72’5 ½”.
8th grade boys: 1st Place-Devine-186, 2nd Place-Crystal City-170-, 3rd Place-Carrizo Springs-122. Event results: 2400m-Deme Santana-Alvarez-2nd-8:50 800m-Guadalupe Tovar-2:32, Weston Byrd-6th-2:40 110m Hurdles-Christian Gerlach-2nd-20.30, Jason Monreal-4th-21.71 100m-Xsavior Martinez-1st-11.93, Jaden Ramirez-3rd-12.55, Justin Contreras-4th-12.71 4x200m Relay-Armando Gutierrez, Tovar, Donnie Brandon, Contreras-2nd-1:48 400m-Devin Ornelas-4th-1:03, Santana-Alvarez-5th-1:04 300m Hurdles-Gerlach-4th-51.48 200m-Ramirez-3rd-26.00, Gutierrez-6th-28.021600m-Santana-Alvarez-3rd-5:47 1600m Relay-Brandon, Contreras, Ramirez, Martinez-1st-3:52 Long Jump-Martinez-2nd-18’10 ¼”, Brandon-6th-16’2 ½” Triple Jump-Martinez-1st-37’5 ½”, Contreras-2nd-34’8 ½” High Jump-Contreras-2nd-5’2”, Tovar-5th-4’4”, Matthew Madrid-6th-4’4” Shot Put-Hunter Nowicki-1st-035’11”, Logan Brown-4th-33’11” Discus-Evan Priest-1st-109’11 ½”, Nowicki-5th-90’0 ½” Pole Vault-Gerlach-2nd-8’0”, Jacoby Featherly-3rd-8’0”, Monreal-4th-8’0”.
All Devine Middle School track teams will conclude their season with the District Meet Friday, March 31st at Carrizo Springs. Field events begin at 4:15 pm, the 2400m run starts at 4:30 pm, and all other running finals will commence at approximately 6:30 pm.

Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer