DMS tennis has good showing in Pearsall, Dilley, and Uvalde

7th grade medal winners at the Uvalde Tournament: Hayden Brummage, Bryce Winkler, Cameron English, and Kate Finto. Courtesy photo.

The DMS tennis teams took on Pearsall and Dilley on Feb. 27, and competed in the Uvalde Tournament March 3-4.

Pearsall and Dilley
“For this match, we took only half of our team, which is very much the same as any other team’s entire team,” Coach Julie Oropeza said. “We played matches against both Pearsall and Dilley.”
Results are as follows:
7th grade boys – Xavier Contreras/Trey Rangel vs Pearsall 3-5; vs Jeremias/Jonas (Dilley) 2-4; vs Jose/Ducee (Dilley) 6-4.
7th grade girls – Daisy Mendoza/Leilani Lascano vs Samara/Davyn (Pearsall) 4-1; vs Blanca/Zeni (Dilley) 3-5
Sam Lascano/Aleyna Gerlach vs Willow/Madison (Pearsall) 5-3; vs Saylene/DeDe (Dilley) 4-5 (5-7)
Absidy Little/Joslyn Ayon vs Liz/Maylin (Pearsall) 4-0; Jonas/Landin (Dilley boys) 0-4
Lily Hargis/Audrey Longoria vs Gia/Devon (Pearsall) 1-4
Riley Hagdorn/Clara Garza vs Jacklyn/Adriana (Pearsall) 1-4
Mariana Hutton/Briana Torres vs Mia/Kylie (Pearsall) 4-6
8th grade boys – Justin Rozer/Kade Haass vs Ricardo/Ethan (Pearsall) 1-4; vs Ethan/Ryan (Dilley) 4-1; vs Carlos/Cristian (Dilley) 2-4
8th grade girls – Josette Villanueva/Andrea Zertuche vs Kaylee/Danielle (Pearsall) 4-0; vs Ashley/Janay (Dilley) 4-1
Josette Villanueva/Khali Key vs Makayla/Kayla (Pearsall) 2-4; vs Janay/Alyssa (Dilley) 2-4
Andrea Zertuche/Khali Key vs Mashyra/Presley (Pearsall) 2-4; Danika/Zaida (Dilley) 4-1
“Our players did a very nice job and proved that their skill and knowledge of the game is improving,” Coach Oropeza said. “We were very pleased with the outcome.”
The DMS tennis team competed in the Uvalde Middle School Tournament Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4, and came away with medals in several different divisions.
7th grade girls doubles
The team of Karma Herring and Kyle Saunders took 3rd place, beating Ramsy/Garcia (Knippa) 8-3 and falling to Gausch/Thompson 3-8.
Jenysse Good and Corinne Fowler fell to Pena/Gonzales (Eagle Pass J) 3-8 and Houlston/Garcia 3-6.
7th grade boys doubles
Corwin Flores and Aidan Hildebrandt claimed 1st Consolation. After losing to Garza/Gonzales (Uvalde) 4-8, they bounced back to beat Gonzales/Avina (Eagle Pass J) 7-5.
7th grade mixed doubles
Bryce Winkler and Kate Finto won 2nd place in mixed doubles, beating Flores/Miller (Uvalde) 8-5 and Salazar/Morey (Hondo) 8-1 before falling to Nowlin/McGuire 0-8.
Hadyn Brummage and Cameron English took 3rd place, beating Cruz/Garon (Uvalde) 8-1 before losing to Nowlin/McGuire 1-8. Brummage and English finished by beating Salazar/Morey 8-0.
8th grade girls doubles
Caitlyn Breiten and Sydney White won 1st place, defeating Longoria/Hernandez (Eagle Pass Memorial) 8-1, Cruz/Guerra (Eagle Pass J) 8-2, and Ovalle/Triana (Eagle Pass J) 8-3.
8th grade boys doubles
DJ Dzierzanowski and Peter Valerio took 3rd place, beating Estrada/Perez (Eagle Pass J) 8-3 before falling to Marks/Hamil 5-8. They finished with an 8-5 win over Molina/Alfaro (Eagle Pass Memorial).
8th grade mixed doubles
DJ Brandon and Madi Mohr fell to Edson/Davis 6-8 and Ozuna/Seguira (Hondo) 5-7.

By Marly Davis
Staff Writer