DMS tennis dominates in District

Fillys Brooke Runyan, right and Laurel Spannagel took 1st and 2nd place in 8th grade girls singles. For more photos, check out our online store!

7th Grade
Girls Singles
Cameron English took 1st place, beating J. Hilburn of Poteet 8-0, and A. Juarez of Poteet 8-2.
Boys Singles
Zachary Feltner and Ryan Castro took 1st and 2nd place. Feltner beat J. Ramirez of Pleasanton 8-0 and Castro defeated M. Smith of Pleasanton 6-0 and C. Valdez of Pearsall 8-1 to set up their title match. Feltner then beat Castro 8-4 to take the top prize.
Girls Doubles
Kylee Saunders and Karma Herring finished in 2nd place, beating Vargas/Gandara of Pearsall 6-2, Mitchell/Berrones of Pleasanton 6-2, and Rodriguez/Bermudez of Poteet 8-4 before falling to Poteet’s Dove/Galvan 4-8 in the title match.
Riley Hagdorn and Corinne Fowler beat Nieto/Bermudez of Pearsall 6-2 before falling to Rodriguez/Bermudez 4-6.
Daisy Mendoza and Aleyna Gerlach beat Nieto/Oldercamp of Pearsall 6-1 before losing to Dove/Galvan 1-6.
Audrey Longoria and Lily Hargis fell to Mitchell/Berrones 1-6. Absidy Little and Joslyn Ayer were beaten by Rodriguez/Bermudez 5-7. Jenysse Good and Marianna Hutton fell to Carrizales/Talamantes of Pearsall 5-7. Brianna Torres and Samantha Lascano were defeated by Dove/Galvan 4-6.
Boys Doubles
Hadyn Brummage and Xavier Contreras won 1st place, beating Blanco/Zuniga of Poteet 8-3 and Baez/Garza of Pearsall 8-2.
Corwin Flores and Aidan Hildebrandt beat Baez/Garza 7-6 (6-4).
Mixed Doubles
The mixed doubles competition was a round robin format, and the three Devine teams of Kate Finto/Bryce Winkler, Brooke Schott/Trey Rangel, and Malachi Jackson/Ciara Garza took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively.
Schott/Rangel defeated Jackson/Garza 6-4, Finto/Winkler defeated Schott/Rangel 6-3, and Finto/Winkler defeated Jackson/Garza 6-1.
8th Grade
Girls Singles
Brooke Runyan won 1st place, beating Lauren Davila of Poteet 8-0 and Laurel Spannagel of Devine 8-3.
Spannagel finished in 2nd place, beating Luebano of Poteet 6-0 and Lacy Stevens of Poteet 8-6 before falling to Runyan in the title match.
Boys Singles
Jacob Barron took 2nd place, and Denton Zuercher finished in 3rd.
Barron beat Cade McManus of Pleasanton 8-6 before falling to Matt Garcia of Pleasanton 1-8 in the title match.
Zuercher fell to Garcia 1-8 before bouncing back against McManus 8-3 in the 3rd place match.
Girls Doubles
JoJo Villanueva and Andrea Zertuche finished in 2nd place, Madi Mohr and Isabella Elias took 3rd, and Caitlyn Breiten and Sydney White were 4th.
Villanueva/Zertuche beat Garza/Villarreal of Pearsall 6-0 and Breiten/White 9-8 (7-2) before falling to Rasmussen/Kennedy of Poteet 4-8 in the title match.
Mohr/Elias beat Littlefield/Mendoza of Poteet 6-2, lost to Rasmussen/Kennedy 5-8, and finished with a 9-8 (8-6) win over Breiten/White.
Breiten/White beat Espinoza/Gutierrez of Poteet 6-2, then fell in two close matches to Villanueva/Zertuche 8-9 (2-7) and Mohr/Elias 8-9 (6-8).
Boys Doubles
DJ Brandon/Kade Haass won 1st place, and DJ Dzierzanowski/Peter Valerio finished in 2nd.
Brandon/Haass beat Blazz/Gillespie of Poteet 6-4, Harlos/Moos of Pleasanton 8-4, and Dzierzanowski/Valerio 8-4.
Dzierzanowski/Valerio beat Walden/Garcia of Pearsall 6-2 and DeLeon/Magiel of Poteet 8-4 before falling to Brandon/Haass 4-8 in the title match.
Justin Rosier/Jonathan Lawless were defeated by DeLeon/Magiel 1-6.