DHS wins academic UIL meet for 3rd year in a row; Quisenberry advances to State

Devine had 33 students participate in the District UIL Meet – Back row – Zacchaeus Morphew, Derek Weinstrom, Aaron Freas, George Angulo, Trevor Smyth, Jake Harrell, Christian Hernandez, Jacob Brown, Nolan O’Neal, Laurel Spannagel, Michael Meek. Middle Row – Jason Mullens, Abraham Taitano, Kyle Simpkins, Logan Gonzalez, Michael Cubriel, Denton Zeurcher, Hannah Stolzman, Anthony Limon, Halle Hagdorn, Gabriella Napier, Bailey Kendrick, Aslyn West. Bottom row – Preslee Quisenberry, Abigail Kohlleppel, Madison Mata, Sydnie Harrell, Karli Geyer, Scarlett Smith, Amada Guardiola, Clarissa Maldanado, Josie Holguin, Elizabeth Alvarado.

Below are the students from Devine High School and their places in the District UIL Literary Meet. Many qualified for the Regional UIL Literary Meet and from that one student, Preslee Quisenberry, will advance on to the State level.

Current Issues and Events:
1st place Anthony Limon
4th place Michael Cubriel
5th place Aaron Freas

Ready Writing:
2nd place Jesslyn Sanchez
5th place Brian Schaeffer
6th place Corwin Flores

Calculator Applications:
5th place Elia Ghisenllini

1st place Josephine Taitino
2nd place Elia Ghisenllini
6th place Abraham Taitino

Persuasive Speaking:
1st place Scarlett Smith
4th place Logan Gonzales
5th place Paige Williamson

Literary Criticism:
1st place Amada Guardiola
4th place Gabriella Napier
5th place Clarissa Maldonado

Poetry Interpretation:
2nd place Clarissa Maldonado
3rd place Amada Guardiola

Prose Interpretation:
1st place Halle Hagdorn
2nd place Paige Williamson
6th place Brooke Schott

Social Studies:
1st place Jacob Harrell
2nd place Christian Hernandez
4th place Trevor Smyth
5th place Zacchaeus Morphew

Computer Science:
3rd place Derek Weinstrom
4th place Cameron Lyle

Informative Speaking:
1st place Michael Meek
2nd place Anca Tonciu
5th place Laurel Spannagel

3rd place Trevor Smyth
5th place Jason Mullens
5th place Hannah Stolezman

Lincoln Douglas Debate:
1st place Scarlett Smith
2nd place Laurel Spannagel
5th place Jason Mullens

Spelling and Vocabulary:
6th place Brooke Schott

Computer Applications:
5th place Derek Weinstrom

Current Issues:
6th place Denton Zuercher

Top Science:
Physics Elia Ghisellini
Biology Josephine Taitino

Copy Editing:
1st place Josephine Taitino
4th place Sydnie Harrell
6th place Karli Geyer

Headline Writing:
3rd place Sydnie Harrell
4th place Josephine Taitino
6th place Karli Geyer

News Writing:
1st place Preslee Quisenberry
2nd place Sydnie Harrell
4th place Madison Mata

Editorial Writing:
2nd place Preslee Quisenberry
3rd place Abigail Kohlleppel
5th place Alissa Stehle

Feature Writing:
1st place Madison Mata
2nd place Abigail Kohlleppel
3rd place Alissa Stehle

Preslee Quisenberry advanced to State in News Writing and Editorial Writing.

Regional UIL results:
Preslee Quisenberry
2nd News Writing
3rd Editorial Writing