DHS tennis brings home medals at Jourdanton Tournament

Arabians Malvin Flores, Chloe Serafin, Elizabeth Alvarado, Amy Bailey, Clarissa Zamora, and Lindsey Spannagel brought home medals from the Jourdanton tournament. Courtesy photo.

Jourdanton hosted a two day tennis tournament at their new sport complex on Thursday and Friday.
Even though there was not a team competition in this tournament, Devine came home with 11 individual placings.
Varsity Girls Singles took 1st and 2nd places. Chloe Serafin beat Alingod from Dilley, 8-3,Criado from Jourdanton, 6-2,2-6(10-1), and lost to Spannagel from Devine 0-6,1-6. Lindsey Spannagel won 1st by beating Villareal from Jourdanton, 6-1,6-1, and then beat her teammate, Chloe Serafin , 6-0, 6-1 to claim her 1st place title.
Varsity Girls Doubles had a tough bracket. Since there was only 5 entries, they played a round robin bracket. Lydia Zapata/Scarlett Smith beat Pearsall duo Torres/Alva 8-1, but Jourdanton proved to be the stronger teams. They lost to Bennett/Higgenbother 3-8, Daugherty/Aguilar 3-8, Brashears/Bronstad 5-8, giving them the Consolation title.
Varsity Mixed Doubles placed 1st and 2nd. Colton Bean and Karli Geyer teamed up to beat Dilley’s Stone/Bhakta, winning in a tie breaker 9-8 (7-5), Then they beat Fanno/Lemes from Jourdanton 6-1, 7-6(7-5) before losing to their teammates Woods/Capps 3-6,0-6. Abbie Capps/Tristan Woods beat Runge’s Rios/Estrada 8-2, Jourdanton’s Lugo/Kuydendall 6-0,6-0, and Devine’s Bean/Geyer to win 1st place.
Varsity Boys Singles had a few very close matches. Warhorse Ralph Rios took the 1st place medal. His first match was quite challenging. Rios was down 1-4 and came back to win 8-6 against DeLos Santos from Runge. Rios then won a tie breaker against Pearsall’s Pawlik, 5-7,6-2 (10-7). Rios beat Torres from Dilley 6-4,6-4 to win the boys singles bracket. Toby Ramos won the Consolation bracket, first losing to Torres from Dilley 8-9 (5-7) in a close tie breaker. Ramos then beat Pearsall’s Aguilar 8-4, and Runge’sDeLos Santos 8-4.
Varsity Boys Doubles also played a round robin type bracket. Jaime Garza/Jake Harrell teamed up to win this division. Garza/Harrell beat Ramirez/Gutierrez from Runge 8-2, Klumb/Marvie from Jourdanton 8-4, Reyes/Guerra from Runge 8-1, and Devine’s Zenon/Alvarez 8-1 . Their last match was against Jourdanton’s Mendez/Lugo. They won in an exciting tie breaker 9-8(7-3) to give them 1st place.The Freshmen duo Mason Zenon/Caeden Alvarez got some quality playing time improving with each match. They lost to Runge’s Reyes/Gurerra 8-9 (3-7), and Ramirez/Gutierrez 3-8, Jourdanton’s Mendez/Lugo, 1-8, and Klumb/Marvie 5-8, and Devine’s Garza/Harrell 1-8.
JV scores: Malvin Flores – 1st place Girls Singles, beat Cruz (Jourdanton) 8-0, Pawlik (Pearsall) 8-1, Zamora (Devine) 6-0,6-3. Clarissa Zamora – 2nd place Girls Singles, beat Ramirez (Pearsall) 8-2, Gonzales(Runge) 8-3. Lost to Flores (Devine) 0-6,3-6. Amy Bailey/Elizabeth Alvarado – 3rd place Girls Doubles, lost to Inalon/Jackson (Runge) 4-8, beat Juarez/Olivarez (Pearsall) 6-2,6-1 McClaugherty/Melendez (McMullen County) 8-1. Norbert Gogan lost to Cabriales (Memorial) 5-8, beat Tipron (McMullen County) 8-2, Martinez(Pearsall) 8-6, lost to Elizondo (Pearsall) 1-8. Clayton Brown/Connor Radicke lost to Rangel/Belingfield (Jourdanton) 5-8, beat Alex Rubendall/Isaiah Rejino (Devine) 8-5, lost to Cardona/Garcia (Memorial) 3-8. Isaiah Rejino/Alex Rubendall lost to Acker/Beyer (McMullen Count) 3-8, beat Moreno/Vasquez (Pearsall) 8-6, Lost to Brown/Radicke 5-8.

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