Devine woman in wreck at 70 mph

Cynthia DuBose, right, was on the way to Hondo to have lunch with mother Kelly when she was in an accident.

Devine woman, Cynthia DuBose, 25, was headed to Hondo this past week to eat lunch with her mother, but she never made it there. It’s the kind of thing that makes you stop and think about how precious little things like “having lunch with mom” really are.
DuBose was traveling on Hwy 90 from San Antonio this past Tuesday, August 8, when she and another vehicle that was crossing Hwy 90 collided at the intersection of County Road 458. This intersection is at the Creekwood Subdivision about 8 miles past Castroville. Family members say she’s lucky to be alive. Amazingly Cynthia escaped with just a few bruises, a slight concussion, and pain from the impact. However, they continually pray for the other gentleman involved in the accident, who they believe is still hospitalized. The accident happened about 12:30 pm.
“Cynthia was going 70mph. It was a horrible wreck, and we are so lucky,” a family member said. “She was coming to Hondo from SA to have lunch. She remembers driving around 70mph when the gentleman pulled out to cross over Hwy 90, maybe going toward Castroville. It happened fast, and she tried to swerve to miss him, but couldn’t. When they hit, she started spinning out of control and into the median where the cables stopped her car.”
“She remembers the smell of rubber (airbags) and the taste of blood and having to crawl out of her car,” a family member adds. “She sat in the median dazed and confused when people came to help her. She remembers someone yelling that the gentleman wasn’t breathing. She prays for him non-stop every day.”
Several locals ran to Cynthia’s side, to help in any way they could, and the DuBoses will be forever grateful for the comfort they provided Cynthia until family members arrived.
“We would like to sincerely thank everyone that stopped to help our daughter, starting with the man that used his phone and dialed my number, the nurse Kami that stayed with her and assessed her injuries, Michael Bendele, Keith Lutz who didn’t leave her side, multiple officers, EMT’s, county employees, an HEB employee who brought her water, the young man who wiped the blood from her face, there were so many wonderful people that kept her from being alone until her father, sister and I arrived. The wonderful care she received at Medina Regional Hospital, and the thoughtful service from Byrd Custom Refinishing. This means more to us as parents than you could ever imagine. All the thoughts and prayers from our friends and family will not be forgotten. Please continue to pray for the gentleman in the other vehicle who is currently at University Hospital.”
A family friend and Medina County’s Emergency Manager Keith Lutz, was on scene, and commented, “The occupants of both vehicles were very fortunate that they did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.”
Cynthia’s mother adds, “Cynthia’s father and I are so proud of the wonderful young lady and teacher Cynthia has become. She makes a difference in every life she comes in contact with. We admire the strength, spirit, and resilience that Cynthia holds within her and her dedication to her family and students.”
Cynthia is a 2010 graduate of Devine High School, and she is currently a teacher at Charlotte High School. She is the daughter of Brendan and Kelly DuBose.

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