Devine summer strength and conditioning program comes to temporary halt

Like many athletic programs throughout the nation, whether they be high school, collegiate, or professional, navigating through a pandemic has been and will continue to be challenging. Thankfully, many programs including our hometown Warhorses and Arabians will not push the envelope as far as what is in the best interest health wise of the coaches and participants.
After the first week of workouts, I asked for information from several of the coaches to give me a rundown on how they thought the summer workout program was benefiting the kids in their particular sport. Unfortunately, only a few days later the decision to put the workouts on hold temporarily was made.
Devine ISD Athletic Director Chad Quisenberry had this to say last Thursday regarding the benefit of the program. “The summer strength and conditioning program has been awesome. Being able to get skill work in as well has really helped. We are averaging over 200 a day. Seeing the kids has been a welcomed sight for sure. Kids really seem to be enjoying themselves, as well as the coaches. We are taking every precaution we can to keep the kids and staff safe. With that being said, we cannot guarantee what happens away from our facilities. Our coaches are here every day. They are working free. They could not be happier to see the kids as well. It has been well organized and kids and coaches are doing an outstanding job of just getting better every day. Hopefully, this continues throughout the summer.”
That hope of continuing throughout the summer was soon dashed as Quisenberry released the following announcement early Saturday afternoon.
“Due to additional cases in the Devine community, we will be temporarily shutting down strength and conditioning workouts for the next two weeks. The safety of our athletes and staff is of the utmost importance to us. We look forward to welcoming our students back in July.”
Safety is always priority one. Most if not all of the athletes that were showing up daily are extremely upset that once again they had to take a step back from the sports they love so dearly.
All athletes are encouraged to continue working on their own so they do not lose what they gained over the first two weeks of camp. Knowing the pride and spirit that all Warhorses and Arabians possess, they will undoubtedly come back stronger and faster than when they last gathered.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer