Devine sets new graduation date to June 12

The Devine ISD announced it will host a in-person high graduation on June 12 keeping with as many traditions as they can, but with respect to the social distancing rules due to COVID-19. The district has plans to both record and live stream on a digital platform so that those who are not able to attend  will be able to view the Graduation Ceremony. It will be recorded so that is can also be viewed at a later date. Details will be announced closer to the event.

Kindergarten and 8th grade ceremonies cancelled

Devine did cancel this year’s kindergarten and\8th grade ceremonies. Next year they will only host kindergarten and high school ceremonies. The 8th grade graduation has been cancelled for the future as well.

COVID-19 Modified Ceremony

Devine Independent School District will host a Covid-19 Modified Commencement Ceremony.

The  2019-2020 Ceremony  will take place on Friday,  June 12, 2020  at 8:00  p.m. in Warhorse Stadium.

The following is a press release from the Superintendent of Schools, Todd Grandjean:

“Greetings, Based on guidelines and orders issued by the State, Devine ISD has developed a modified commencement ceremony for the graduating class of 2020. The details of the ceremony are outlined below. Please read through this in its entirety. Additional details will be released with each senior’s graduation ceremony packet to be handed out at a later date.

Screen all participating, turn in questionnaire at gate

Additionally, this plan is subject to amendment and modification if necessary, to comply with federal, state, or local requirements. In order to conduct an in-person graduation ceremony, the Texas Education Agency (“TEA”) is requiring all Districts to screen all individuals attending the ceremony via questionnaire. This includes participating students and attending family members. The completed questionnaire must be signed and dated for the day of the ceremony and handed to school-system employees upon entrance to the commencement program. Attendees will find the questionnaires in the graduation ceremony packet. Additionally, pursuant to TEA requirements, those found with any of the listed signs or symptoms must be excluded from the activity.

6 feet apart spacing except for same household

Furthermore, TEA requirements state that there must be 6 feet or more of spacing between all participants, except for members of the same household.

5 to a household group, 5 tickets issued to grads

Additionally, TEA is requiring that every District limit each household group to no more than five individuals, excluding the graduate. For this reason and to meet social distancing requirements, assigned seating for members of the audience will be used to more efficiently ensure separation between household groups. Each graduate will be issued five tickets for the graduation ceremony. (The graduate is not required to have a ticket; all five tickets are for attendees only.)

Assigned seating, must have ticket to enter

A random draw lottery system will be used by the District to determine each graduate’s seating location, and will be given to the graduate with his/her graduation ceremony packet. Each group seating location will be marked and identified in the stands with the graduate’s name. Handicap/ADA seating accommodations will be on the track and will account for entrance tickets. Any person entering the graduation venue must have a ticket. (830) 851-0795 Fax (830) 663-6706 Dr. Todd Grandjean, Superintendent 605 W. Hondo Ave., Devine, Texas 78016.

Washing stations

Hand sanitizer or hand washing stations will be available at all venue entrances, and all participants are encouraged to use these resources. Restroom facilities will be open; however, usage will be limited to 25 percent capacity and markings on the ground at the entrance to the restrooms will provide spacing parameters for those waiting in line.

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Gloves worn, face masks recommended

Gloves will be worn by those distributing diplomas or other documents to students. TEA recommends that employees, students, or other visitors wear cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth) while inside any facility, or if they will come within 6 feet of another person who is not a member of that person’s household, except when photos are taken.

Arrival and Departure plans

Specific plans are in place for arrivals and departures to ensure appropriate social distancing; these details will be provided for the graduate in the graduation ceremony information packet.

Return Graduation Packets by June 1 if participating

In order to refine the remaining details of this extremely important event, students must contact the high school office by June 1, 2020 at NOON to inform school personnel as to whether the graduate will participate in the commencement ceremony and other details.”

Thank you for patience

“Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and patience in planning this under these very complicated conditions!” sincerely, Dr. Todd Grandjean, Devine ISD Superintendent of Schools.