Devine seeking street signs for golf course

The City of Devine is at work procuring signage that points the way to the Devine Golf Course following a meeting with TxDot representatives last Thursday, January 6.
According to its contract with SG Golf Management, the City is responsible for supplying and maintaining three signs at the intersection of State Highway 132 and State Highway 173; three signs at the intersection of Hwy. 132 and Colonial Parkway; one sign each at the northbound exit from IH-35 to Hwy. 173 and at the southbound exit from IH-35 to Hwy. 173; one sign at the intersection of Hwy. 173 S. and Windy Knoll Drive; and one sign at the intersection of Windy Knoll Dr. and Ingram Road.
The contract also states, “If the locations are on Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) right-of-ways, it is understood and agreed between the parties that location of such signs are contingent upon TXDOT approval and TXDOT installment.”
Section 392.032 of the state Transportation Code states that, “A person may not place or maintain a sign on a state highway right-of-way unless authorized by state law.” A violation is a Class C misdemeanor.
As of this writing, only the sign at the intersection of Windy Knoll and Ingram Rd. has been erected.
According to Interim City Administrator Dora Rodriguez, TxDot representatives declined to install golf course signs for the City, but agreed to email a list of contractors the City may hire to do so outside of the state’s right-of-ways.
The contract between the City and SG Golf Management can be viewed at
The next Regular Devine City Council meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, Jan. 16.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer

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