Devine Police Report March 22-28

March 22
8:35 AM – Complainant on CR 6752 reported receiving fake cashier’s checks in the mail to deposit and buy gift cards to send numbers back. Scam.
March 23
12:21 AM – A vehicle in the 500 block of W. Hondo Ave. had one occupant. The subject was just sleeping; had been having issues with someone.
2:16 AM – Complainant reported kids on the bleachers at Warhorse Stadium. Unable to locate; all was okay.
7:03 PM – Suspicious activity in Frio County. Passed on info to nearby agencies.
9:45 PM – Officer dispatched to the 300 block of Hwy. 132 N. in reference to a male subject parked in the parking lot for over an hour. All was okay.
11:03 PM – Officers dispatched to the 500 block of Fullerton Dr. in reference to complainant seeing two male subjects in a storage shed. No items were taken from the shed. Officers patrolled the area; unable to locate.
11:32 PM – A male subject was in the area of a possible break-in in the 500 block of Fullerton Dr. All was okay.
March 24
5:45 AM – Complainant on IH-35 NB reported a charter bus with flashers on driving all over the road. Unable to locate.
12:40 PM – Officer provided traffic control for a stranded motorist in the 100 block of Hwy. 132 N. The owners contacted a tow truck.
1:19 PM – Complainant reported a black Ford Focus driving recklessly on IH-35 NB. Unable to locate.
11:38 PM – Officers dispatched to the 500 block of Sunshine in reference to loud music. The music was turned down.
March 25
11:22 PM – Officer dispatched the 600 block of E. Hondo Ave. in reference to a black Tahoe all over the roadway. No violation observed. All was okay.
11:45 PM – Officer dispatched to Rossville in reference to five to eight people involved in a physical disturbance. Visible injury was observed. One male subject was arrested and jailed for assault bodily injury.
March 26
2:48 PM – Complainant advised an 18-wheeler was all over the roadway on IH-35 SB. Medina County dispatch sent the info to Frio County.
2:52 PM – Officer dispatched to business in the 200 block of Hwy. 132 N. A couple stating they were new to the city were asking about a coin checker.
4:35 PM – Subject turned in a wallet that was found on top of a mailbox.
9:34 PM – Complainant on Upson Dr. advised a large group of people were possibly in a physical disturbance. The disturbance was only verbal. Two female subjects were turned over to their parents; all was okay.
10:22 PM – Complainant in the 100 block of N. Teel Dr. approached officers and advised a silver Impala was parked at the location and the female in the driver’s seat appeared to be under the influence. The female appeared fine.
March 27
3:39 AM – Frio Co. in pursuit of a white Toyota Sequoia. The pursuit was terminated in Lytle.
9:38 AM – Complainant in the 700 block of Jack Nicklaus Dr. reported a white truck with no driver was parked at a mailbox. Officer made location, and the truck was no longer there.
6:53 PM – Complainant in the 300 block of N. Commercial Dr. reported the smell of smoke or someone burning plastic coming from a home. Negative contact with no flames or smoke and no smell of anything burning in the area. All was okay.
March 28
12:10 AM – A male subject was walking by the peanut factory. All was okay; the subject was walking to a friend’s house from his ex-girlfriend’s.