Devine Police Report

April 5, 2024
14:12PM – Complainant reported stolen property – Black Mongoose BMX bicycle stolen on 3/27/24 at approximately 0138 hrs.
16:41PM – Received complaint of tree limbs being on outside lane impeding traffic. Officer located tree branches and removed out of roadway.

19:59PM – Complainant on Rossville Rd stated white and orange Mustang speeding on roadway. Requested extra patrol. Made contact with driver of Mustang.
April 6, 2024
10:45AM – Complainant on LC Martin called in reference to vehicle driving all over the road from Hondo. Located vehicle at apartments but vehicle unoccupied.
13:20PM – Complainant on Zig Zag Ave reported his window to his vehicle was shot out possibly by BB gun on 4/5/24 at 1830 hrs to 4/6/24 1320 hrs.
14:26PM – Complainant on Zig Zag Ave reported loud music coming from apartment. Spoke to tenant, music was lowered.
16:37PM – Complainant on IH 35 S called to request welfare check on vehicle. Made contact with owner. Later arrived and conducted investigation and made arrest.
16:37PM – Officer sent to Sollack Dr for verbal disturbance with female. Parties separated.
April 7, 2024
5:50AM – Complainant on Commercial Dr advised individuals were on location pulling beams from old SWT building. Spoke with owner who advised they had permission because part of the building was leaning towards E Hondo Ave.
10:19AM – Called in reference to a 911 hang up. Heard yelling in background and no answer on call back. Located female who advised had an argument with mom and mom left location with family member.
16:24PM – Officer dispatched to IH 35 S for theft under $100.
20:40PM – Complainant on Live Oak Dr called in reference to suspicious activity. Male and female said they had permission to be there. Unable to confirm.
23:16PM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for major accident.
April 8, 2024
8:05AM – Officer issued citation on Transportation Dr for traffic violation.
12:40PM – Officer dispatched to Sollock Dr for accident.
23:59PM – Complainant on Fullerton Dr called in reference to suspicious persons behind peanut factory. Unable to locate.
April 9, 2024
7:27AM – Complainant on Washington Dr called in reference to male subject asleep on picnic tables. ID’d by police. He stated he was taking a nap before continuing on to Kerrville.
19:15PM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for accident.
April 10, 2024
0:08AM – Complainant on Oak Hill Dr called in reference to items being left next to gas pump. Broken glass pipes located along with trading cards and pair of Crocs.
4:02AM – Complainant on Libold Dr called in reference to small SUV pulling into driveway then departed northbound. Complainant believes it might be ex and asked to search area. Unable to locate.
12:03PM – Complainant on Jamison Dr called in reference to doors open to property. Officer secured door; all appears okay.
13:20PM – Officer dispatched to Transportation Dr where Rise Broadband had road blocked. All okay.
18:12PM – Officer dispatched to IH 35 N for damaged traffic lights. Assisted with traffic control while TX Dot replaced them.
23:45PM – Officer dispatched to Teel Dr for flashing red lights on school bus. Turned off lights and checked property, all okay.
April 11, 2024
8:00AM – Complainant on Dixon Dr called in reference to missing stop sign. Public works contacted by officer.
8:38AM – Complainant on Bluebonnet Ave called in reference to a door on a new home hanging open. Officer made location, home was cleared and all okay. Unable to secure back door – realtor contacted.
12:29PM – Complainant on Davis Ave stated neighbor advised that daughter was at her residence trying to t5ake AC units. Officer made location. All okay. Daughter just sitting in yard and hadn’t messed with anything.