Devine Police Report

September 22
12:16PM – Complainant advised someone was burning. Subject ID’s and was burning in dumpster. DVFD was paged out due to subject had no water.
15:18PM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for minor accident.
16:14PM – Complainant on Malone Dr advised chunk of concrete in road. Roadway was cleared.

19:50PM – Officer provided traffic control for a DPS stop on IH 35 S.
September 23
7:39AM – Complainant on Hondo Ave called in reference to vehicles being broken into. Believed to have occurred on 9/23/23 at approximately 0100 hours. Unknown is anything was taken.
10:11AM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for minor accident.
12:04PM – Complainant on Webb Ave reported storage area southeast of house broken into between Thursday, 9/21 and Saturday, 9/23.
13:00PM – Complainant on Transportation Dr reported building broken into between 0650 and 1500 hours. Backpack taken with Ipad and medication in it. Ipad later recovered near 600 block of Rossville Dr in a field.
13:00PM – Black RV on Transportation Dr was broken into between 0630 and 1300 hours. Stereo and TV taken.
15:20PM – Complainant on Hondo Ave in reference to work truck with key cylinders drilled out.
18:06PM – Complainant on Warhorse Dr called in reference to Hispanic male that appeared to be intoxicated taking off clothes and shouting threats. Emergency detention order for white adult male. Transported to hospital.
20:33PM – Complainant on Fernandez Ave called in reference to male subject taking dirt belonging to City. Male had permission.
September 24
2:30AM – Complainant on Rossville Rd called in reference to silver sedan parked with doors open. Made contact with driver who was having car trouble.
2:50AM – Complainant on Black Jack Ln called in reference to male throwing items inside of residence. Officers made contact with male, everything was okay. Male left location for the night.
12:55PM – Complainant on Teel Dr called in reference to male and female in rolling disturbance. Male driving to Police Department. Parties separated.
13:14PM – Warrant served on male subject who was jailed.
15:14PM – Assisted MCSO – Deputies conducted a stop on a stolen vehicle. Driver ID’d.
22:35PM – Complainant on SH 132 N called in reference to possible gun shots heard in area. Everything appeared okay.
September 25
11:12AM – Female reported disturbance on Benton Ave. between father and son. Son departed location.
11:13AM – Complainant on Windy Knoll called in reference to two women with child going door to door knocking in a gray Ford Escape. Unable to locate.
20:50PM – Complainant on Rosewood called in reference to disturbance with ex partner that had been previously physical. Female was also intoxicated.
September 26
8:02AM – Stop sign down on Fernandez Ave. City was advised.
13:05PM – Complainant on Malone Dr reported two male subjects fishing in pond. Subjects departed prior to call.
23:19PM – Complainant on Flores Dr advised her son heard someone tampering with window and then heard glass breaking. Window was secured.
September 27
0:55AM – Complainant on Bain Dr reported loud music in area. Unable to locate.
0:59AM – Complainant on Bain Dr reported two cases of beer and snacks taken by male and female who departed.
15:00PM – Complainant on Hondo Ave called in reference to two males in white shirt and blue jeans appeared to be in distress. Unable to locate.
September 28
22:09PM – Complainant called in reference to verbal altercation between father and son. Everything okay.