Devine ISD new hires for 2021-2022 school year

The following positions have been filled to replace staff that have retired or resigned at Devine Independent School District.
Devine ISD new hires for the 2021-2020 school year are:
Chase Burnside, LSSP
Lori Burnside, SLP
Julia Hoog was reassigned to 5th grade teacher replacing Jamie Collier who retired
Lisa Conn was hired for Julia’s former position as 3rd grade teacher
Cristina Esquivel was hired for Lee Davis who retired as Intermediate reading specialist
Linda Teetsel was reassigned to 5th grade teacher replacing Renee Dougherty who retired
Krystal Cornelius was hired for Katthy Hennessey who retired as 4th grade teacher
Kailyn Rotramel transferred to Spec Ed Teacher at intermediate replacing Shelly Crist who resigned
Julie Oropeza was reassigned to DHS ELA/Coach position to replace Kailyn Rotramel
LeeAnn Runnels replaced Rebecca Fitch who resigned as DHS Assistant Principal

Jeffery Stivors was hired for LeeAnn Runnels as DMS Assistant Principal
Alejandra Garza was hired for Deborah Petty who retired as Journalism/Newspaper/Yearbook Teacher
Jessica Alexander was reassigned to a new position as Instructional Specialist at Elementary
Sarah Boehme was hired for Jessica Alexander as 2nd grade teacher
Robin Gibson was reassigned to new position as Instructional Specialist at Intermediate
Christian Guerra was hired to new position as Instructional Specialist at DMS
Nadia Sulaica was reassigned to a new position as Instructional Specialist at DHS
Andrea Rangel was hired as DHS Math Teacher to replace Nadia Sulaica
Juan Gonzalez was reassigned to DHS PE Teacher replacing Paul Wells who resigned
Jennifer Crim was hired to replace Marta Robles who resigned as DMS ELAR teacher
Lauren Garrison was reassigned to first grade teacher for Nellie Gough who resigned
Jessica Harrold was hired as PreK/Headstart teacher to replace Lauren Garrison
Paulette Trevino was hired as DHS Art Teacher to replace Nora Rodriguez
Those are all the professional positions, we still have the following openings:
5th grade teacher (replacing Kim Bales who retired)
3rd grade teacher (replacing Linda Teetsel who was reassigned)
4th grade teacher (replacing Chriselda Villa who resigned)
DMS ELAR teacher (replacing Julie Oropeza who was reassigned)
Intermediate Spec Ed Teacher (replacing Robin Gibson who was reassigned)
SLP (new position)
DMS Social Studies/coach (replacing Juan Gonzalez who was reassigned)
DMS Math Teacher (replacing Nancy Haass who resigned)
DMS Spec Ed ELAR Teacher (replacing Claude Johnson who resigned)
DMS PE Teacher (replacing Quenton Sanders who resigned)
Spec Ed Ard Facilitator (replacing Heidi Garcia who resigned)

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