Devine ISD names Dr. Todd Grandjean as the lone finalist for Superintendent position

The Devine Board of Trustees voted 7-0 to name Dr. Todd Grandjean as the Lone Finalist for the Superintendent’s position on Tuesday, December 3rd, at a Special Called Meeting. Current Superintendent Scott Sostarich has announced his retirement effective the end of January, 2020. State statute requires a 21 day waiting period before both parties can execute the final contract.
Dr. Grandjean plans to enter the district at a date to be determined in January. Dr. Grandjean comes to Devine from Moulton ISD, where he has served as the Superintendent for the past 5 years.
According to Dr. Granjean’s biography notable Moulton accomplishments include:
-Just completed the sale of a $14M bond initiative in Moulton, monumental in terms of the district- will include new construction and renovation.
-Finalized a project through Erate and State-Matching fund to bring 1G fiber service to the community with no construction costs to the district– $620,000 equivalent.
-Completed energy saving renovation project LED and AC retrofit for entire district– $480,000 equivalent.
-Instituted and personally managed integration Engaged Instruction initiative through implementation of TEKS Resource/TEX Guide/Eduphoria into the district and conducted the Eduphoria training himself.
-Mentored 12 staff members to administrative degrees over 15 years; 7 have attained an administrative position from principal to curriculum directors at various districts- mentored 3 superintendent candidates, one seated currently at Damon ISD and the other 2 are finishing up course work.
” I don’t believe standardized tests give an accurate picture of a student or school district- there are so many other factors that make up a total student— however, the system in place is what we have to contend with and we must play the game—the accountability system is far from perfect, but we have to follow the rules until they are changed”, stated Dr. Todd Grandjean in his biography.

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“I believe every child should have the opportunity to go to college; however, not every child wants to go to college and that doesn’t mean they won’t be successful. There is a need and hundreds of opportunities for post-secondary training and military… and if students aren’t ready to make permanent decisions at graduation, the school should always be a place they can come back to for help— non-traditional students.”
Personal history included in biography:
-Grew up in Taylor and graduated Taylor High 1991.
-Very close to my grandparents always at their house
-Spent summers working for grandpa in Temple at Gray International
-Worked 2 summers at HVAC company in Taylor
-After graduation went to work for my grandpa in Temple
-Grandpa sold the business went to work for Freightliner
-Then started working for close friend at machine shop in Taylor
– During time as machinist and welder I experienced a difficult time based on poor decisions and decided to make some changes and find my purpose in life- I wanted to positively affect the lives of children
-Started night school Temple College- then full-time student part-time work Home Depot
-Transferred to Texas A&M worked full time at Texas A&M golf course also began working at Granger last year of school- maintenance/teaching/coaching
-Graduated in 2007 history, minor Amer Lit & Turf Management and began full time teaching
-Masters in 2011, Doctorate dissertation June 19th conferred in August 2018-
-Starting 14th year in education; 5th year as superintendent in Moulton; prior to that I was at Granger ISD where I held positions of Maintenance worker, teacher/coach, Athletic Director and lastly principal 4yrs.
-I have 2 little girls that are my everything and live with their mom in Hutto and attend Hutto ISD- Ashtyn born 2010; Rynlee born 2014
-I am in engaged to an amazing woman, Sara, also an educator- Accountabilty, Testing, & Curriculum
-Spending time with my girls is my #1, enjoy sports, outdoors, hunting, fishing, staying fit- lifting weights/running, playing softball or adult related sports,
-I am a fix it type, my vehicles, house repairs, yard work- to a point if I don’t know it- I Youtube how to do it- then seek a professional
-Have had my concealed carry permit 10 years
-I prefer to focus accolades on those around me- to the group….I’m most comfortable out of the spot light
Dr. Grandjean states, “I would like to give my sincere appreciation to the Board of Trustees for affording me the wonderful opportunity to serve Devine ISD. I am looking very much forward to relocating my family to Devine, and becoming a visible part of the community, where hopefully I can help promote the longstanding traditions of success in both Academics and Athletics. Sara and I look forward to meeting everyone soon and wish all of Devine a wonderful holiday season.”
Board President Nancy Pepper stated, “I would like to thank the Board for the long hours and diligent work that was put into the superintendent search process. I would also like to thank the staff and community for their input and we will use that information to assist us in defining the path forward for DISD. We are excited to welcome Dr. Grandjean to our community and look forward to working with him through a smooth transition and a great future with Devine ISD.”

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