Devine ISD approves two $50k budget changes, four school board seats up for election in May

The Devine ISD school board met this past January 17, discussing a variety of important matters. Among actions addressed were two $50,000 changes to this year’s budget, a call for an election for 4 school board seats, and a review of district priorities.
Board Recognition Month
Board members Renee Frieda, Keri James, Chris Davis, Carl Brown, Ali Buvinghausen, Henry Moreno, and Nancy Pepper were recognized for their service as January is School Board Recognition Month. These volunteers spend countless hours in service to our school district, and have accomplished many great things in recent years in coordination with the excellent leadership of Superintendent Todd Grandjean. These past two years have been extremely difficult for everyone, including the policy makers faced with tough and important decisions that affect all of our schoolchildren. Among the many accomplishments achieved by the school board is the rollout of the School Guardian program to better protect our students.
Hail damages deductible
At the January Devine ISD school board meeting, Devine ISD reviewed a report showing over $170,000 in hail damage losses from 4/28/2021, and a $50,000 deductible on losses. A majority of damages were to roofs throughout the district.
Summer School rates increased
ESSER funds will be used for summer school to provide a longer, more in-depth school to address Covid related learning loss. The board considered a recommendation to increase the hourly rates for certified teachers and RN’s from $30 to $45 and teaching and nursing assistants from $15 to $22.50 for Summer School.
Monthly Report on Board Priorities by Superintendent Grandjean includes:
1. Increase student success and continue a tradition of student achievement
2. Continue successful partnerships with the community, teachers and parents to support our schools and achieve student success
3. Align facilities and technology improvements with needs and career opportunities
4. Maintain Highly Qualified teachers and retain staff
5. Increase trade career opportunities and continue to develop enhanced technology resources for all students
Election Upcoming
The board called for an election to be held on Saturday, May 7, 2022 for the purpose of electing four trustees (one for District 1 (unexpired term), one for District 2, and two At-Large). Only registered voters residing in District 1 can vote for the trustee in District 1. Only registered voters residing in District 2 can vote for the trustee in District 2. However all DISD registered voters can vote for the two At-Large Trustees.
District 1 is currently held by Ali Buvinghausen, District 2 is held by Carl Brown, and the two at-large seats are currently held by Renee Frieda and Chris Davis.
Budget Amendments to the 21-22 budget
An additional $50,000 was added to the Pupil Transportation budget line for the purchase of a bus, and $50,000 to Maintenance and Operations as well for the deductible due for the 2021 hail damage.

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The board heard recommended policy changes by TASB from 118, including the following:
Attendance, Attendance for Credit-
House Bill 699 created an exception to the 90 percent attendance requirement for absences resulting from a serious or life-threatening illness or related treatment. To reflect this exception, recommended text has been included at FEC(LOCAL). In addition, the policy has undergone significant reorganization and revision to remove administrative details on documenting student illnesses, which can be addressed in the student handbook. Changes have also been made to place an emphasis on a student’s mastery of the essential knowledge and skills and maintaining a passing grade rather than assigning a student to attend programs for an amount of time equivalent to the student’s absences.
Accounting, Activity Funds Management-
CFD(LOCAL) is the policy that governs activity funds management. Revisions to this policy are recommended to align with recently adopted amendments to the Financial Accountability System Resource Guide. Changes have been made to the policy to clarify that student activity funds are those monies raised and collected by student clubs and organizations. Approval for spending those funds lies with the student club or organization, while the principal and sponsor are responsible for managing disbursement.
Personnel Positions
Senate Bill 179 requires a school board to adopt policy requiring a school counselor to spend at least 80 percent of total work time on duties that are components of a comprehensive school counseling program. The policy must also provide a specific process if the board determines that district or campus staffing needs prevent a school counselor from spending at least 80 percent of work time on school counseling program components.
The recommended policy text at DP(LOCAL) is drafted to permit the administration, rather than the board, to make the initial determination about the counselor’s job duties. If the board approves that determination, the board will direct the superintendent to develop a revised job description for the counselor that will address the requirements in law.
The other revision to this policy is recommended to streamline the list of principal qualifications. We recommend referencing the principal’s job description for the minimum number of years required as a classroom teacher and removing that detail from this policy. Districts should review their job description for principals to ensure it reflects the minimum number of years required as a classroom teacher.
Closed Session
The district went into closed session before adjourning.
Update on Re-districting
At the previous Dec 15th meeting, Chris Davis moved and seconded by Carl Brown that the Board adopt the following Board Resolution approving the Single Member District Redistricting Plan and map as attached to the Resolution, and he further moved that a complete copy of the resolution as presented, along with corresponding maps be attached to final minutes of the Dec 15th meeting which can be seen on the district’s website.
By Kayleen Holder