Devine Golf Course needs your help

The Devine Golf Course opened its doors for business on October 19, 1968. For close to 50 years, it has provided a beautiful place to play golf for citizens of Devine and the surrounding area. During most of these years, the Course has operated successfully on a balanced budget but recently it has fallen on some hard times. Struggling to cover its expenses, several unavoidable situations have caused the Golf Association to find itself in this financial situation. First of all, the Course needed some improvements to seven of its original greens. The association borrowed $45,000 to pay for these improvements and hired a recommended golf course expert to do the work. Unfortunately, soil with too much clay was used on these greens which made them too hard, caused drainage problems, which resulted in fungus getting into the greens. One of these greens had to be completely reconstructed. Using free labor from a small group of members, close to $10,000 will have been spent on number two green by the time it is completed. Secondly, with parts of the course in bad shape, The Association’s membership has fallen from the mid 130’s to 78 and Green Fee play has dropped more than sixty percent.

Local volunteers are working on revitalizing parts of the golf course. Shown here after planting new grass on the #2 green a couple weeks ago in October are: Jerry Dykowski, Mark Marcum, Ronnie Rackley, Blake Ceasor, Doug Wadsworth. Back row: Willie Shelton, Richard Malone, Brent Haass, Larry Young, and Jeff Wisenbaker.

The Devine Golf Course is a vital part of the Devine Community. The City of Devine gets sales tax revenue from out of town and local golfers. Many businesses in Devine receive income from golfers that come to play our course. When a round is over, the golfers purchase gas for the trip home, stop to eat at one of our restaurants, stop to shop in our stores, and maybe even stop at one of our car dealerships to buy a new car. Many of our charitable organizations depend on fund raising tournaments held at the Devine Golf Course. Some of these include: The Devine Lions Club, Devine Chamber of Commerce, The Dean Bates Memorial Scholarship Program, Devine Crime Stoppers, The HANK Organization and many others.
What needs to happen to help our Golf Course? The Devine Golf Association needs help from the community of Devine and all the surrounding area. We have restructured some of our expenses. We need funds now which will give us the time to complete getting the Course back in first class condition. Once done we will hold a membership drive to attract both new and former members to help support our Golf Course. We will be able to advertise our restored products which will bring back our green fee, paying customers.
Devine Golf Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization but it falls under the Parks and Recreation non-profit status. What does this mean? It means we can take donations from those that want to help but the only way we can make them tax deductible is to take them in the form of advertising. Our plan is to display the names of our supporters on an Advertising Board attached to our Club House Wall, on an Advertising Board close to the Club House, or on an individual Hole Sponsor Sign located at different holes. For your donation we will proudly advertise your individual, group or business name as a loyal supporter of The Devine Golf Course.
Once again, simply stated, our Golf Course needs your help NOW. If you can find a way to help, contact our Fund-Raising Chairperson, Shannon Rackley Rangel at (210) 367-8303. Thank you.

Click the link below to donate on the Go Fund Me page that is set up to benefit the golf course. They have a goal of $50,000 and so far as of November 8, they had raised $1,000.

By Richard Malone