Devine Golf Course hosting cross country meet this Saturday

Devine Cross Country will host its own invitational on Saturday, September 15. The meet will begin at 8:30am, and like all events held in Devine the runners welcome the love and support of the Devine community.
“The location of the meet has changed this season from the field across from the student parking lot at DHS to the Devine Golf Course,” stated Head Coach Khera Vay. “The opportunities the switch provides is a more challenging course for the Warhorses and Arabians as well as for the visiting teams.”
Aside from the more challenging course due to its inclines, declines, and its varying terrain, the course allows not only the runners to “enjoy” shade and a more scenic view while running the 2 to 3 mile course, it allows the community to shows up in support to enjoy those identical attributes.
Mayor Bill Herring knowing the future of Devine rests solely on the shoulders of some of the runners participating in this meet has graciously permitted this meet to occur on the still-renovating golf course.
If you have not had the opportunity to drive by the golf course’s clubhouse or along the fairways and greens that line the nearby streets, please take the opportunity to do so.
Rob Flores and his crew have been excellent to work with leading up to this event that will showcase the work and rehab that has been put into the course since the City of Devine took over the day-to-day operations. What Flores’s team has accomplished in only a short amount of time is incredible.
With over 600 kids scheduled to run on September 15, Coach Vay and all of the volunteers goal is to make the Devine Invitational the best meet of every competitor’s entire season.
Fun Run
Coach Vay has implemented a one-mile fun run for students 1st through 6th grade. Those wishing to participate can sign up the morning of the event and there is no fee.
Schedule of events
8:30am—Varsity Girls—2 Miles
9:00am—JV Girls—2 Miles
9:30am—Varsity Boys—3 Miles
10:00am—JV Boys—3 Miles
10:30am—7th Boys/Girls—2 Miles
11:00am—8th Boys/Girls—2 Miles
11:30am—Fun Run—1 Mile
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer