Devine FCCLA attends Region V Leadership Conference in Corpus Christi

Devine FCCLA attended the Region V Leadership Conference held on January 28 and 29, 2022, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Twenty chapter members attended to learn more about leadership and to compete in STAR events and try out for region officer positions. Results are as follows:
Region V Vice-President of Achievement, Barbara Merlo
Region V Vice-President of Competitive Events, Juan Hernandez
Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) Events are Competitive Events in which members compete to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities to actively identify an issue concerning families, careers, or communities, research the topic, and develop and implement a project to advocate for positive change. Devine had nine teams compete in a variety of events, and all nine teams will be advancing to compete at the State Leadership Conference which will be held in Dallas April 7-9.
Chapter Service Project Display – Level 2 – Makayla Breiten and Kourtni Geyer, 1st place
Focus on Children – Level 2 – Katelyn Dinwiddie and Serenity Whitaker, 1st place
Focus on Children – Level 3 – Ashley Mattke and Nicholas Mattke, 1st place
Interpersonal Communication – Level 2 – Hilary Barnett and Olivia Zapata, 1st place
Interpersonal Communication – Level 3 – Yessika Garza and Kendall Marek, 2nd place
Leadership – Level 2 – Felix Mendoza, 2nd place
National Programs in Action – Level 3 – Sirley Chavez, Madison Cumpian, Cassandra Elias – 3rd
Professional Presentation – Level 2 – Cynthia Maldonado and Crystal Martinez – 2nd place
Professional Presentation – Level 3 – Kelli Geyer and Karma Herring – 1st place
Geyer and Herring are the first FCCLA members in school history to place 1st at Region in their STAR events for all 4 years!
Two members took the Step One FCSA to test their overall knowledge of Family and Consumer Sciences and FCCLA. Barbara Merlo earned a gold medal and Juan Hernandez garnered a silver medal.
Three teams of students also competed in Spotlight on Projects.
Mariah Carrillo and Maddie Dubose competed in Career Connections.
Arabelle Davalos, Kylie Dubose, and Julia Unger competed in the Community Service category.
Dominic Davalos, Cassidy Garza, and Dani Gutierrez competed in Families First category.
Devine FCCLA was also honored for sending in entries for New Across Texas to the Texas FCCLA website. Eleven FCCLA members who completed all five Power of One projects were also spotlighted in the first General Session. Those students were Hilary Barnett, Arabelle Davalos, Katelyn Dinwiddie, Kylie Dubose, Yessika Garza, Jenysse Good, Juan Hernandez, Kendall Marek, Angelina Rios, Serenity Whitaker, and Olivia Zapata.
Lewis Stroud was named as an Honorary Member for all of the support he gives to the chapter. As President of the Lions Club, he is always sure to allow STAR event competitors to present their projects to the members. The Lions Club consistently supports FCCLA and all of its members are appreciated greatly!
Devine FCCLA advisors and members would also like to give special recognition to five community members who volunteered to judge events that Devine FCCLA did not compete in at the conference. The conference could not happen without volunteers and Devine is lucky to have so many who gave their time to help this year. Many thanks to Caitlyn Breiten, Raye-Linn Jackson, Abby Kohlleppel, Stephanie Kohlleppel, and Claudia Mendoza.