Devine FCCLA: 7 teams advancing to State

FCCLA students are: Top row-Madison Cumpian, Josette Villanueva, Caitlyn Breiten, Jessenia Phillipi, Amanda Byrd; Middle row-Cassandra Elias, Kelli Geyer, Karma Herring, Barbara Merlo, Ebany Garcia, Carla Torres; Bottom Row- Danelly Rodriguez and Espi Mendoza.

FCCLA competed at Regionals this past weekend in Corpus Christi, and 7 teams advancing to State in April, including:
1st Place – Kelli Geyer and Karma Herring in National Programs in Action Level II
1st Place – Analea Brooks, Jessenia Phillipi and Andrea Sanchez in Public Policy Advocacy Level III
2nd Place – Caitlyn Breiten and JoJo Villanueva in National Programs in Action Level III
2nd Place – Madison Cumpian, Cassandra Elias, and Danelly Rodriguez in Chapter Service Project Level II
2nd Place – Ebany Garcia and Barbara Merlo in Focus on Children Level II
3rd Place – Amanda Byrd in Professional Presentation Level III
5th Place – Espi Mendoza and Carla Torres in Focus on Children Level III
Carla Torres also will be competing at State in Spotlight on Projects with her board on Domestic Violence. Stephanie Kohlleppel was awarded an Honorary Membership for her dedication and support for FCCLA for the past 5 years.
“This was also Amy Bailey’s and Charlize Benavidez’ last Region V Conference to put on as Region Officers. They did terrific! Charlize even sang the National Anthem and sounded beautiful!” said Korrey Paige, Devine FCCLA Advisor.

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